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Cloudingo: Remove duplicates and improve data quality

Starting at $1,096 USD per company per year BASIC: $1,096/year/per Salesforce Org STANDARD: $2,146/year/per Salesforce Org CUSTOM: Data quality services & customization. Contact us. *NON-PROFITS, please contact us. All licenses subject to setup fees and potential volume-based pricing.

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Data Cleansing
Get rid of duplicates and have data you can trust.

When your Salesforce data is clean, your job is easier. Cloudingo eliminates duplicates, cleans records, and maintains data quality all in one place. Find duplicates within your existing records and easily merge them.####► FREE TRIAL!

  • ● Customizable filters and robust matching criteria allow you to dig deep to find duplicates using anything from exact to fuzzy matching and even synonyms.
  • ● Merge dupes manually, mass merge, or set it and forget it by scheduling Cloudingo to automatically merge duplicates.
  • ● More than just dedupe: import data without creating duplicates, mass convert leads, mass update and mass delete records, migrate data, and more.
Deduplication can be complicated, but Cloudingo takes away the frustration, leaving you with clean, reliable data. And while removing duplicates in Salesforce is at the core of what Cloudingo does, there’s a lot more to data cleansing:####● MERGE DUPLICATES & CONVERT RECORDS##Merge records without losing data like opportunities, attachments, and history. Convert Leads to Contacts.####● AUTOMATE ON A SCHEDULE##Make sure your data is always free of duplicates. Schedule Cloudingo to run in the background and work for you.####● DEDUPE IMPORT FILES##Mass import data and scan for duplicates, create new records, and update ones that already live in Salesforce.####● UPDATE RECORDS IN BULK##Using customized rules, modify field values for large groups of records. ####● DELETE UNNECESSARY, STALE RECORDS##Save money on database costs by mass deleting worthless records, test records, and inactive leads.####● COLLABORATE & TRACK CHANGES##Control access to Cloudingo with multiple permissions-based logins.####● CONNECT SYSTEMS VIA API##Shuttle data from your ERP through Cloudingo to Salesforce to leverage master data management systems.####►LEARN MORE & TRY FREE!


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits
  • Supports orgs where Person Accounts is enabledPerson Accounts

Contents of managed packages don't count against your org's app, tab, and object limits. Contents of unmanaged packages count against these limits, so check your org before installing.Package Contents

  • Custom Objects: 8
  • Custom Applications: 1
  • Custom Tabs: 2

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Other System Requirements
Admin access to the Salesforce org. is required. Cloudingo supports Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Person Accounts, and Custom Objects.

Support Priority support can be purchased as part of the "Standard" and "Enterprise" subscriptions to Cloudingo.

Additional Information

Package Name
1.68 / 1.68.0
First Release
Latest Release

Customer Testimonials

Symphonic Source
Dallas, TX, USA

The core mission of Symphonic Source, the makers of Cloudingo and DupeCatcher, is to guarantee data quality. Symphonic Source does so by providing Salesforce customers with resources to manage the exponential growth in data and keep that data clean.####This mission is met by delivering a range of data management tools and services to help with data cleansing and integration, enabling users to realize the full potential of service-oriented architectures (SOA).####Symphonic Source builds tools that integrate with the world’s leading cloud-based CRM service, Salesforce, to provide deduplication and data cleansing, ensuring data quality to Salesforce users. ####Our app, Cloudingo, profiles and dedupes the entire existing Salesforce org.####Our free product offering, DupeCatcher, identifies and AND prevents duplicate records from being created in real time.

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