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InviteManager for Salesforce




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Event Management
Manage your company sports tickets and client events right from Salesforce!

InviteManager's lightning-ready app makes it incredibly easy to manage all the details of your company-owned sports tickets & events - from getting tickets in the right hands, to creating custom event invitations, to reporting on tax deductions and ROI.

  • Invite the right clients to sports games and outings right inside Salesforce! Our ‘Must-See App’ app lets you send company-owned tickets and custom invitations to your customers & prospects, so you can organize your event without ever leaving your CRM.
  • Run Salesforce reports to see what events & sports tickets helped you close business. InviteManager’s Business Impact Engine measures the effect of your client events and sports tickets so you can massively increase the ROI on your client entertainment.
  • InviteManager makes it easy for business to manage all their client entertainment without having to switch between multiple apps. Our award-winning integrations are with companies you use, like Ticketmaster, Concur, Uber, OpenTable, Outlook and StubHub.
You share events and experiences with customers that work. InviteManager makes it easy and proves the ROI. ####Companies globally invest over $600 billion in client entertainment, customer events, and sports tickets every year. InviteManager makes client entertainment easy and proves the ROI by providing convenient and simple tech to create events, invite guests, register and check-in customers, and report on the effectiveness of each event in real-time. ####The choice of thousands of globally known companies like Nissan, FedEx, Verizon, American Express, Anheuser Busch, Mastercard and 80+ pro and college teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA, InviteManager connects companies and their customers with event and ticket management solutions for today’s business. ####InviteManager is based in Calabasas, CA with five offices globally managing and automating over 30 million invitations, registrations, and tickets every year.


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Other System Requirements
Any browser that supports Salesforce also supports InviteManager. Your company needs an InviteManager account to use this application. S4S accesses lead or contact name, and names of invitees.


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InviteManager for Salesforce
S4S v1.46.3 / 1.46.3
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Calabasas, CA, US

InviteManager ( is the first enterprise SaaS provider to enable companies to manage their corporate ticket and sponsorship investments while measuring their business impact. InviteManager's application currently manages millions of dollars in entertainment investments for over 4,000 customers. InviteManager includes a business impact engine that ensures ticket utilization and assesses sponsorship effectiveness as a driver of revenue. The company is based in Calabasas, California.