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Compliance Locker




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Captures All Posts, Deletions, Files

Get the benefits of Chatter while ensuring that all necessary governance requirements are met. Compliance Locker by Arkus employs best practices for capturing Chatter for compliance purposes.

  • Archive all Chatter activity, including posts, comments, messages, and files, both real-time and as a batch job.
  • Set retention policies for Chatter activity and related compliance records.
  • Integrate with an existing compliance email inbox external to Salesforce.
- Capture all Chatter posts and comments within the Chatter Compliance custom object##- Send Chatter Compliance records to an email box (including attachments)##- Set data retention policy for how long you want to keep compliance posts and comments##- Drive compliance with users by blocking prohibited words from being posted####Every time a user posts to a Chatter feed on their user profile, or any record within Salesforce, it is automatically captured within the Chatter Compliance custom object. The application captures all Chatter activity, can email to an external inbox, allows administrators to determine “blacklisted” words, and has customizable retention settings.####Stay compliant while giving your users access to the power of Chatter.####The Summer '15 release of Salesforce includes a new feature allowing for the editing of Chatter posts and comments after posting. Currently Compliance Locker does not capture these edits. Our roadmap includes an update that will enable Compliance Locker to work with this feature. In the mean time you may choose to disable Feed Post Editing under Chatter Settings in the Setup menu, which was enabled by default during the Summer '15 upgrade.


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Other System Requirements
Salesforce Content must be enabled to install and use Compliance Locker.

Support Feel free to email us at or tweet us @ArkusSupport and we will make sure to get back to you in a timely manner.

Additional Information

Package Name
Compliance Locker
Winter 14 / 2.6.0
First Release
Latest Release
Arkus, Inc.
10 Times Square, 6th Floor, NY NY 10018
(888) 271-1963

Arkus is a Salesforce Silver Partner and a Premium Partner. We are a group of Salesforce and platform implementation experts and active members of the Salesforce community. Arkus provides ethical and fiscally responsible business services to organizations of any size, both for-profit and nonprofit.## ##Arkus can help you leverage enterprise class tools without the high risk and large upfront costs of traditional technology solutions for projects of all sizes and within multiple use cases, including:## ##- Custom Development ##- NPSP Implementations##- Mobile Application Development##- Pardot Implementations##- Customer Service Automation##- Communities Deployments##- Administrator and End User Training##- Nonprofit Expertise##- Financial Service Expertise##- Banking Implementation##- Data Integrations## ##Our lean and agile approach, combined with our focus on education and empowerment, has proven to be successful in these and other areas, across businesses of all types and sizes.

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