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OwnBackup for Salesforce

Starting at $1.95 USD per user per month 14-Day Free Trial. Minimum annual contract USD$6K. Plans start at $1.95 per user per month. Volume discounts available; Discount for Nonprofits. Full pricing information can be found at

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Powerful backup, compare, recover, and replicate for your Salesforce data

OwnBackup provides automated, daily backups, compare and restore for disaster recovery, sandbox seeding and replication, GDPR compliance, and secure key management. Easy setup, unlimited storage. ####Click the "Get it Now" button for a free trial.

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Could this get any easier?

We had looked at backup solutions for our instance for a while and just continued to download the standard data snapshots but knew there had to be a better way. We implemented Ownbackup earlier this year and have been running it for about 6 months now and we could not be happier. The ability to not only easily restore individual records, but also fix metadata goofs has been a major triumph for us. And it is so easy.####Everything is monitored and we get automated notifications when something doesn't go just perfect. We back up not only our production instance but also some of our sandboxes. Have you ever hit the refresh button on your full sandbox only to find out later that day that one of the other admins had something that they still needed but wasn't in production yet? Well, now you can go back and get it! All in all a great solution for us.

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Ari Senator
Nov 30, 2017 at 5:39 PM

Thank you Charlie for the kind words and the great feedback, it's really great to see that you like our platform :-)

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Excellent Service

OwnBackUp is a great product. Very user friendly. OwnBackUp also offers great customer service which makes the process smoother. Thank you for all the support.

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Test Demo OwnBackup
Mar 07, 2019 at 12:18 PM

Hi Fransisco. Thank you for the great AppExchange review. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to providing your organization with excellent support and customer service. Thank you!

OwnBackup picks up where Salesforce leaves off

There are loads of use cases for investigating org changes, and this tool allows you to expand and really drill into your audit trail! Hands-on, knowledgeable support reps (thanks Josh!) really help walk you through the tool, so you can discover all of the features (like Smart Alerts).

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Great Product, Great Service, and a Great Experience

After assessing several products we decided to investigate OwnBackup further as it seemed to be a clear leader among the vendors we were looking at. With OwnBackup we have been able to back up our data and metadata for our Production org and several of our Sandboxes. We have utilized some of the more advanced functionality to restore metadata changes and seed Sandboxes with data from Production or other Sandboxes (which is very helpful).####We engaged in a POC and were basically allowed to use the full product for two weeks before purchasing. This gave us plenty of time to test the product for everything that we wanted to use it for, and OwnBackup even provided starting testing documentation templates. Our EA Kevin O'Hara and SE John Campanioni were great! They provided quick, succinct responses to our questions. They were able to help us optimize the tool for our environment to make it a viable backup service for our large enterprise org.####Thank you, Kevin, John, and all of the OwnBackup team! We are happy to be part of the OwnBackup family and are looking forward to our continued collaborative success.

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So simple yet so powerful.

OwnBackup is exactly the type of system we were desperately in need of. Very simple to set up. Very simple to use. Yet extremely powerful in what it does and how it allows you to interact with the backups. ####John Campanioni, our tech contact made the whole process a breeze. Walked us through it, knew what he was talking about and made the entire thing seem even easier than it already was.

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Easy & Powerful!

OwnBackup is easy to set up, incredibly user-friendly and remarkably robust!####Josh lead us through the setup in less than 10 minutes (literally!) and now the data & metadata for our Production and Sandbox orgs is getting backed up daily! ##Within each backup we can review every data addition, change or deletion that's taken place and, if we need to, restore it with only a few painless clicks. We've also setup alerts for any unusual behavior in our instance which will make our yearly IT Auditor very happy. ##We could not recommend this tool more highly. If you have a Salesforce instance you MUST invest in this tool as your insurance policy!

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Awesome group to work with and and amazing piece of software to have.

First off Eric and Brian have been amazing to work with and getting us setup. Right after we got set up we had an implementation that corrupted data. I did a comparison of the previous backups and found the corrupted record. We immediately did a restore it took 10 minutes and we were back up and running with 0% data loss. I was surprised at how efficient Own Back up was and how easy it was to restore the data. I was so impressed this was all during the demo process and we were able to restore production data. Hats off to the people at Own Backup. You have got a customer!!!

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Eric Manley
Feb 13, 2019 at 10:44 AM

Thank you, Robert. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you and the team!

Great customer support

As well as being a great product, Ownbackup provide excellent customer support! Support went beyond my expectations with regard explaining sandbox seeding. My initial query was quickly resolved, however, Winfield then took the time to evaluate our data structure in order to explain the behavior observed.

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Winfield Bencosme
Feb 11, 2019 at 9:18 AM

Adrian, as you know, OwnBackup is great for backup and recovery, as well as replicating specific subsets of data! We appreciate you as a client. Cheers!

This service beats the competition. Worth it!

In my opinion I think the Ownbackup service is the best salesforce backup provider on the market. I went through looking at a few other top providers that had similar product functionality, but none of them compared to the peace of mind that we get with Ownbackup. ####The Ownbackup service has provided our company with the ability with ensure that we have data integrity at all times. It's really nice having the system provide snapshots as well as a dashboard to see activity for any records that have been changed or deleted. I'd recommend for any other orgs looking for a backup solution to start with Ownbackup. ####I'm convinced that after getting a first hand look at what their product can do, you'll instantly feel like it's the right fit for getting your CRM data taken care of.

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Michele Teixeira
Feb 04, 2019 at 3:49 PM

Hi David! Thank you for the wonderful review! I agree 100% with you that OwnBackup is the best salesforce backup provider on the market! Our top-notch product and ease of use sets us apart from our competition. Cheers!

Love this tool, Love my life getting easier

This tool has eased my life with respect to seeding data in multiple sandboxes that we have for tons of work that we are doing. Josh and Mr. Winfield (from Ownback support team) are excellent folks who held my hand when I needed them to get myself on the right track with this awesome too. Keep up the good work.

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Backs up history over 18 months

We implemented OwnBackup at the end of 2018 and have been very pleased with the results. I have been able to restore items bulk edited by mistake and was pleased to learn that we'll be able to go to previous back up files to look at field history information greater than 18 months once that starts being removed from Salesforce. Not sure I'll ever look for the information but being able to tell the affected manager the data will be reviewable at need is gold!####Alex and Winfield made set up a breeze and support has been highly responsive whenever I've asked for assistance.

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