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We support non-profits to deliver results with Salesforce. From installations to optimising existing tools to adding, enhancing and integrating, we help harness the potential in your technology with our training, consultancy and support services.

  • Signposting apps, integrations and solutions
  • Transforming organisations through support with visioning, strategy, implementation, training and support
  • People-focused approach, with non-profit expertise from fundraising through to operations and service delivery
Founded in 2003, Purple Vision is one of the UK's leading consultancies for charities and non-profits. ####We work with all types of charities and non-profit to support them with how they use and benefit from their CRM. We'll help with challenges and opportunities across all business areas, but with a key focus on fundraising, marketing and service delivery. ####Our approach focuses on people and process as well as technology. Starting with your strategy and vision, we help develop an approach to CRM that will meet your needs now and with an eye on the future. We bring insight and energy to help our build and sustain high-value relationships with supporters and stakeholders. ####As a consultancy, we value our independence, which allows us to make the best recommendations for our clients based on their requirements. ####We're a small team of staff and associate consultants with outstanding skills and experience. We match a a unique project team to support each client, based on their specific needs and requirements. ####Based in London, we work across Europe.

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Purple Vision
+44 845 458 0250

Purple Vision is a leading independent charity and Salesforce consultancy. We are experts in databases and CRM systems, as well as digital, analytics and fundraising. We work with you to develop the strategy and processes you need to help you achieve growth and develop, select or fine-tune your technology, digital tools and systems.####We’re focused on delivering high quality service, leaving you with what you need to change and move forward. Being independent means we are not tied to one way of doing things, or a particular set of products. We can work with you to tailor the right solution for your unique requirements as your ideal charity crm consultant.####We work exclusively with charities and not for profit organisations because that’s what we know best – most of the team have a a background in non-profit. That means we bring a broad spectrum of experience to support you. Think of us as colleagues you haven’t met yet, who you can call on when you need it, to bring extra insight, skills, experience or even just an extra pair of hands.