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Decisions on Demand: Lead, Opportunity, Account and Contact Assignment

$20 USD per user per month Only users who administer, receive or make assignments need a license Volume discounts available: contact for details.

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Scalable Assignment/Routing/Distribution rules for Growing Sales Teams

Round Robin or Load Balanced distribution with caps and weighting. Intelligent Lead and Opportunity routing based on location, skills, agent availability and more. Assign any object, standard or custom. Best in class scalability with Excel import/export.

  • Round Robin and Load Balanced distribution for Lead, Account, Opportunity or any Salesforce object, standard or custom. Supports assignment caps and weighting
  • Assign records based on zip codes, area codes, Named Accounts, skills, availability,or any combination of standard and custom fields.####Execution logs helps you explain and/or correct assignment rules.
  • Scales to handle thousands of rules. Easy to manage in Salesforce or through Excel import and export####Powered by the Decisions on Demand Platform, a flexible and high-performance cloud based Business Rules Management System (BRMS).
Decisions on Demand lets your team implement sophisticated Lead Assignment and Routing rules that automatically deliver incoming leads to the right rep or team. The same tool can also assign (or reassign) opportunities, accounts, contacts or any other object, including custom objects.####We provide best in class scalability for fine-grained assignments based on zip codes or named accounts. With Excel import and export it's easy to create and upload your rules.####1. Install the app with a 30 day free trial##2. Select one of our standard assignment templates##3. If necessary, extend the template to add custom criteria or actioons##4. Enter assignment rules in Salesforce, or upload them from Excel####If you need help, our support team is available to provide expert assistance.####Customer quotes:##"Decisions On Demand has made our lead routing process so much easier, we used to have to spend hours updating rules ... now thanks to Decisions On Demand these changes can be made easily" Michelle Creamer, Verizon Telematics####"Implementing Decision on Demand has created transparency, overview and ease of operation." - Jarl Fisker Hansen, Milestone Systems


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  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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Decisions on Demand
1.14 patch 81 / 1.14.81
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Decisions on Demand, Inc.
Mountain View, CA, USA
(866) 656-8527

Decisions on Demand is a leader in decision automation for enterprise SaaS. ####We help users of Salesforce streamline business processes and make better, more consistent operational decisions. From sophisticated record assignments to eligibility determination and order validation -- our powerful business rules engine can automate a wide range of tasks. leading to increased sales productivity, lower error rates and reduced costs.

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