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MyArkhineo - Electronic document archiving

Starting at €15 EUR per user per month The subscription includes 1Gb* of archival space per user + 1Gb* for the organization. Additional space can be purchased : - 1Gb* 15€/month - 10Gb* 90€/month - 100Gb* 600€/month - 500Gb* 1300€/month *1Gb cannot contain more than 50 000 archives.



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Probative value, integrity, secure storage, archive accessibility

Enables archiving of your attachements to CDC Arkhinéo's Electronic Archiving service !####Securely preserve documents attached to any standard or custom object in conditions that maintain their probative value.

  • Lasting preservation of digital documents
  • Guarantee of integrity of document
  • Online access to documents and instantaneous retrieval
CDC Arkhinéo allows organizations to capture, preserve and access files, documents, and other electronic records for legal, regulatory and corporate policy requirements with its Electronic Archiving service.####MyArkhineo app integrates seamlessly with Salesforce sales app to provide a first class preservation service to all valuable documents.####MyArkhineo app is easy to install and setup. All tools needed to set up, authorize, monitor the organization archival space are available for system administrator.####Sales reps secure documents directly from Salesforce in one click. Archives are linked to any standard salesforce objects (Account, Contract, Case, Opportunity, etc.), or any custom objects, and can be retrieved in one click.####MyArkhineo app is also available in, without dependance to CRM objects, thanks to a Custom Record object easily configurable.####Full translation is provided for : english, french.


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits

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2.13 / 2.13.0
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Paris, France

CDC Arkhinéo enables organizations to capture, preserve and access unstructured digital information, including email, files, scanned documents, and other electronic records for legal, regulatory and corporate policy requirements. As a standard in outsourced archiving, CDC Arkhinéo offers warranties when it comes to security, integrity in case of a technical or business failure.