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a consultancy - with a difference

Hyphen8 is a CRM consulting and trusted partner that specialises in helping SMEs and Not-for-Profit organisations implement powerful applications and business solutions to transform and deliver enhanced customer value.

  • we help you: build robust CRM strategies and a roadmap to transform your business
  • we help you: implement powerful business solutions using cloud applications
  • we help you: derive high and continuous value from investments you make in cloud computing
We tick all of the boxes you would expect from a trusted partner: experience in multiple industries, the right certifications, and solid experience implementing powerful CRM and business solutions using our "difference" is in our approach: customer focused, collaborative and partnered working, independence of mind, and a people-oriented style that drives project success.####To meet your needs, our professional services cover the complete range of support you might need - all available under one roof: ####ENVISION: we can help you develop your strategy and roadmap for transformation in the cloud.####EMPOWER: we can help you implement powerful business solutions to help you empower your business and deliver your strategic aims.####EVOLVE: we provide a complete customer care and support programme to help you drive high adoption and continuous improvement.####And, beyond being a professional consulting firm, we also have a social mission: up to 8% of our profits are allocated to sponsor worthy causes around the world. ####That's our ethos - and we hope it's one you share. If you are looking for a refreshingly honest and no nonsense approach, please get in touch!

Specific Details

London, UK
020 7608 5671

Hyphen8 is a specialist, boutique CRM consulting firm that specialises in helping SME businesses and Not-for-Profit organisations implement and get best value from their investments in cloud computing applications.####As a consulting partner we have amassed significant experiences in helping our clients:####1 - Define effective and robust CRM strategies and roadmaps, that empower their organisation and deliver transformational change####2 - Design, develop and implement powerful solutions, on the platform, to support and enhance their sales, marketing and customer support capabilities####In addition to this we also offer a high quality customer care and support service to help ensure our clients applications are always fit for purpose, and deliver continuous and high value as their business needs evolve and change.####As a business that is passionate about the world we live in, we are also a social enterprise and have a mandate to commit up to 8% of our profits, annually, to support not-for-profit and charitable programmes.