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Dashcord — Events and Marketing, Native for Salesforce.

Starting at $800 USD per company per month FROM $800 / MONTH - Marketing & Events - Unlimited Users - Includes 100k Emails Per Year OPTIONAL EXTRAS - $1,000 per additional block of 100k emails during year - $0.99 / ticket plus 2.5% of ticket price for paid events - SMS Credits

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Marketing and Events run directly from Salesforce. No integration hassles.

Run marketing and events directly from Salesforce! Dashcord's native solution provides Free & Paid Events, Email, SMS, Drip & Nurture Campaigns, Lead Scoring, Personalized Lifecycles, Process Builder & WebEx integration & more.####Contact us today!

  • Marketing Automation
  • Event Management
  • 100% Native to Salesforce. No Integration Required!
A uniquely native marketing automation solution providing maximum flexibility for you to run your campaigns from Salesforce. An easy to use interface providing drip & nurture campaigns, tracking and scoring of activity from web/email/SMS/print, and personalized email and SMS communications based on recipient profiles — without you or your data ever having to leave Salesforce.####A completely native event management solution for Salesforce providing end-to-end support for events — invitations, registration, ticketing, payment, calendaring, capacity management, WebEx integration and more. Suitable for a wide range of event types, free or paid — Dashcord Events helps you to increase event participation while also improving the quality of your Salesforce data.####Dashcord is 100% native to Salesforce. That might leave you asking … why? When most other marketing apps for Salesforce are not native, or call themselves “native” when in reality they are just thin front-ends to non-Salesforce apps — why did Dashcord choose to build fully native apps instead of just another off-platform solution? Talking to customers who have made the switch, the answer is clear: NATIVE MATTERS!


  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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US: (415) 915-1101 | AU: +61 3 8657 4350

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Package Name
2013.8.3 / 1.50.0
First Release
Latest Release
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
US: (415) 915-1101 | AU: +61 3 8657 4350

Dashcord is a team who are passionate about building native marketing solutions for Salesforce customers. We proudly offer integration free solutions to common marketing needs, from lifecycle automation to event management.####Since getting started in 2012, Dashcord has provided solutions to a diverse set of companies and organizations around the world.

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