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Complete Solution for Copying Data & Metadata Between Salesforce Orgs

Copy data from your Production or Full Sandbox environment to Developer/Dev Pro sandboxes. Simply select the data you want to copy, and the app will take care of the rest. No more spreadsheets/scripts/external Ids/ figuring out sequences required.

  • No more using spreadsheets/scripts. Automatically calculates insert order of objects and sequences record dependencies.
  • Easy to use and Fast .Net Windows Forms application. Identify data to transfer by selecting individual records, using Ids from a file, or specifying a SOQL WHERE clause.
  • Takes care of disabling/re-enabling validation rules and triggers while transfering data. Calculates and displays in real-time the size of selected data to ensure it fits into the destination sandbox.
SFXOrgData copies data between Production and Sandboxes. Select the data you want to copy over, and click Transfer. The app does the rest.####Selecting the data is quick and easy. You can select the records you want to copy individually, from a file, specifying conditions on field values, or by using a SOQL where clause. Users can Save the record identifiers for use with later Transfers.####As you select the data you want to copy, the app will calculate and display the size of the data you've selected to ensure it fits into the destination sandbox.####SFXOrgData will also automatically figure out the correct insert/load sequence to ensure relationships between objects (Master/Detail and Lookup fields) and records (Id/ParentId) are maintained.####This app eliminates the need to develop complicated spreadsheets and scripts to copy data across. ####This is the only app I've seen that does this and I figure this is better than spending K's of money on additional full sandboxes for Dev/QA.####Additional Features:##◾Scramble Field Data##◾Sync Metadata##◾Schedulable##◾Automatically Includes Child Records##◾External Ids##◾Data Translations
Houston, TX, USA

SFApex is a Salesforce Application Development shop. We keep our doors open by the talent of our developers. We hope to one day develop a robot which can excel humanity to the next degree, but till then, we're happy developing Apps that make life easier for our day jobs.