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Evariant Patients for Life Platform™

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Optimize Growth through Smarter Patient Acquisition and Retention

The Evariant Patients for Life Platform™ provides actionable intelligence enabling health system providers to drive high-value service line growth, extend patient lifetime value, and improve provider network utilization and planning.

  • HCRM SOLUTION: Make marketing a high-yielding growth machine##Our solution combines leading predictive analytics with trusted expert marketing services to drive highly targeted multi-channel patient engagement throughout the entire patient journey.
  • ENGAGEMENT CENTER SOLUTION: Transform your Call Center into a Profit Center ##Our solution enables call center agents to deliver on-the-fly, highly personalized, world-class patient experiences resulting in smarter patient engagement.
  • PRM SOLUTION: Your competitive advantage is highly engaged providers##Our solution gives health systems a competitive edge in finding the right physicians and developing unsurpassed loyalty resulting in smarter provider engagement and increased margins.
In healthcare, the battle for the consumer is ON. Retailers and clinics continue to reshape local healthcare access, telehealth is going mainstream, patients are switching providers, and an ever growing number of consumers manage their care with ‘Dr. Google.’ Hospitals need to acquire new patients and focus on retaining more of their patients.####Evariant, healthcare’s only Patients for Life Platform™, addresses these challenges enabling providers to optimize growth through smarter patient acquisition and retention. Our platform brings together consumer, patient, provider, and claims data to identify and maintain relationships with the right patients and providers. Overlaying sophisticated, proprietary, and market specific analytics turns data into actionable intelligence that enables healthcare providers to find, guide and keep patients for life. ####Customers achieve indisputable value through high-value service line growth, improved provider network utilization and planning, and extended patient lifetime value. We are the trusted advisor to leading healthcare systems representing over 1000 hospitals nationwide. ####Solutions can be used individually or together.


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Additional Information

Package Name
HealthConnect 4 PRM
Fall 2012 / 1.1.0
First Release
Latest Release
Evariant Inc.
Farmington, CT USA

Evariant integrates healthcare business data onto one platform, so healthcare marketing, business development and strategic planning teams can identify market opportunities, measure marketing campaigns against reportable ROI and improve patient and physician engagement.