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FREE Lead and Opportunity Dashboards




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Visibility into Leads and Opportunities = Profit

See your leads and opportunities in two simple and easy-to-understand dashboards. Spot trends faster to increase your sales and revenue. Optional paid support / configuration help available.

  • Lead dashboard shows trends and status by Day, Week, Month
  • Opportunity dashboard shows your funnel and revenue closed
  • FREE!
CloudAmp has developed our lead dashboard and opportunity dashboard over more than a decade of using Salesforce to run sales and marketing organizations. Salesforce dashboards let you see at a glance how your business is doing, and see trends on a daily basis as the dashboards automatically update with live data.####These Lead and Opportunity Dashboards are provided for free. Enjoy!####If you like these dashboards, check out our Analytics Dashboards, which show you the top of your sales and marketing funnel - your web site visitors - from Google Analytics.####Lead Dashboard#### Leads by Day (Last 60 Days, Line Graph)## Leads by Week (All Time, Line Graph)## Leads by Month (All Time, Bar Chart)## Leads by Status (All Time, Bar Chart)## Last 10 Leads (List)####Opportunity Dashboard#### Leads Converted by Week (line graph)## Opportunities by Stage (funnel)## Revenue Closed this Quarter (gauge)## Opportunities Closed per Month (Won/Lost) (Stacked bar chart)## Top 10 Open Opportunities (list)## Last 10 Won Opportunties (list)## Average Age of Opportunties (bar chart)


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Other System Requirements
No additional system requirements

Support Free dashboards. Optional support and configuration assistance is available for a one-time $399 fee.

Additional Information

Package Name
Lead and Opportunity Dashboards by CloudAmp
1.4 / 1.4.0
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CloudAmp LLC
San Francisco, CA, USA

CloudAmp provides Salesforce applications, analytics and dashboards to help improve your marketing. Get better visibility into your sales and marketing with our easy-to-use lead tracking and conversion funnel apps. Our goal is to help marketing and sales executives harness the power of Salesforce as a competitive advantage, and deliver better customer visibility, a higher close rate, and more revenue using our apps. CloudAmp was founded in May 2011, and is headquartered in San Francisco.