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Ring my Bell - Celebrate & Gamify Sales & Service

$11.88 USD per user per year 10 day free trial.

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Promote sales competition by ringing the bell on Closed-Won opportunities

Ring my Bell is a new application aimed at driving competition amongst your sales team in a fun manner. The sound of a sale is something everybody loves to hear, helps encourage competition without generating a cut-throat environment.####Free 10 day trial

  • Excite and inspire your sales team for less than a dollar per month
  • Visual popup and and user configurable sounds when deals are won
  • Drive increased sales through gamification - everyone wants to ring the bell
Do your sales team members know when one of their colleagues makes a sale? Or does your Service team know when cases are being closed? Unless they're all located in the same place it's likely that they don't.####Ring My Bell is a simple to install app which notifies your users when somebody closes an opportunity or case, and ensures they see it with both a visual pop-up and user-configurable sound, including the option to add custom sounds. With the ability to send notifications to Chatter, your team will never miss a congratulatory notification even on the road with Salesforce1. Your sales team will be eager to get that bell ringing, their names on the board or in Chatter and their wins celebrated.####Ring My Bell is less than a dollar per month per user, and can be purchased directly through the AppExchange. You'll have everyone so motivated they will be saying "hoopla"####Now supporting Sales and Service Console.####It is a perfect app for all sized companies from Fortune 500 to SMB.


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Ring My Bell
Ring My Bell 2.95 / 2.95.0
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