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Quick update records with just one click

This app allows you to quickly update records with just one click. Without clicking on Edit or Save button, Picklist fields can be edited & updated in just one click. Easy and efficient app for everyone including Sales and Customer Service reps.

  • Update important data like Sales Stage, Account Rating etc. with just one click
  • Works for any standard or custom objects picklist/drop-down fields to quickly update (for e.g., quickly update case priority from P3 to P1 or opportunity stage from Prospecting to Closed-Won)
  • Efficiently walk through data (ticket or cases or leads or ..) and update records with one click
If you are tired of editing a pick-list field by clicking edit, then changing pick-list value and saving it then this is the app meant for you. This app saves a lot of time for sales and Customer Service user, as important info (pick-list field) of records can be updated in one click instead of multiple clicks.####If you are working on multiple Cases or handling multiple Opportunities, this app can help you to easily update case status or Stage in one click and saves a lot of time.####This app is 100% (Native) and Aloha app.####New in this version (v2.0)##Lightning Ready##- With the new Lightning interface, the app works well in Lightning experience as well.##​##Progressive checkbox support##- User can assign picklist as progressive on about page, so that user can select subsequent value and rest of the value will appear as disabled.## ##Support for Cascading Dependant/Controlling fields##- Auto add/remove cascading controlling picklists when dependent picklist is selected/removed.####About Page Enhancements##- User can see existing configured fields on About page.##- User can remove or edit fields (which are already configured) directly from action column.


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Built 100% on the Lightning Platform, providing reliability and performanceNative App
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits
  • Provider has pledged 1% of their product, profit, equity, or time to support the communityPledge 1%

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  • Custom Tabs: 1

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Other System Requirements
No additional system requirements

Support Any email/phone support towards installation of this app is FREE. Any custom enhancements to this app could be charged by Satrang Technologies.


Additional Information

Package Name
One Click Update
2.0 / 2.0.0
First Release
Latest Release
Satrang Technologies
Mumbai, India

We are a Registered Cloud Alliance Partner. We have the expertise on the Cloud computing product and provide Cloud & Salesforce outsourcing services to small and mid size business and large IT vendors.

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