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In-app coach for embedded help, best practice, compliance & continuous learning

$7.5 USD per user per month • User volume discounts reduce your per user per month pricing • Minimum contract 12 months - Longer terms attract bigger discounts • FREE TRIALS: For up to 10 Users for 14 Days More info on Editions & Features:

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A 100% native Salesforce app that sits securely within your environment to improve your user’s efficiency & engagement with Salesforce. Why is this important? Proficient users = more customer facing time, increased sales and happier employees & customers

Review by Simon McAllister View All Reviews

One hell of a no-brainer!

For anyone who wrestles with sales-process enablement and good old fashion sales support, this tool is an absolute must. We at Qlik are driving Salesforce adoption (and comprehension) in a way that I would never have dared to dream of a few years back...we're seeing numerous Help Topics with >1000 clicks, all of which means, our organisation is receiving real-time, self-served and contextual assistance when and where they need it most...a phenomenal tool, easy to roll out, child's play to maintain, we couldn't function without it....a great company to work with, too!!!

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