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Vision-e: Mapping for Accounts and Leads. Maps Custom Objects.

$20 USD per user per month Ask about our bundled offer. Non Profit discounts available.



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Map Customers with Google Maps on your desktop, iPad, iPhone or Android.

Map Accounts, Contacts, Leads and custom objects with Google maps. Create data-driven maps and visualize Salesforce data on a map. Geocode with Google maps, route optimization with trip planner, heat maps, territory mapping and trip planner.

  • Maps for the sales rep on the go. Map custom & standard objects within your Salesforce. Visualize your leads, contacts and accounts on a Google map. Unlimited geocoding is available in bulk mode.
  • Maps offer route optimization and territory management. Map your records to see accounts graphically and geographically. Plus, the application features geo-location map views with route optimization for point by point directions. GoogleMapping solution.
  • Map your sales territories. Use the free-form drawing option to map unique boundaries for each of your territories. The tab-based views allow users to flip between multiple maps on the same screen and displays up to 15,000 records on a single map.
Bring data to life on a map, graphically and geo-graphically! User-friendly map application for Salesforce and Salesforce 1. ####What if your sales teams could save an hour every day and spend more time selling? With our mapping technology, this becomes a reality. Use the territory management options on maps, route optimized map directions and trip planner to increase sales productivity. ####With the power of Google Maps, map your data with Google geocoding. Leverage maps as a trip and sales planner by mapping standard & custom objects. Salesforce1 ready, sales teams can increase efficiency and productivity. Other great features include mass field updates, heat maps, task or activity creation, combined map views, map sharing and importing reports to build a map. ####Vision-e helps sales reps gain up to an extra hour of sales every day. That’s equivalent to an extra month of sales time every year, which is an 8% growth from an investment that costs less than fifty cents a day! Download a free trial or contact our professional service team, who can help you give it a try. ####Available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Optimized for the Salesforce1 mobile appSalesforce1 Mobile
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits

Contents of managed packages don't count against your org's app, tab, and object limits. Contents of unmanaged packages count against these limits, so check your org before installing.Package Contents

  • Custom Objects: 11
  • Custom Applications: 1
  • Custom Tabs: 4

Lightning components are building blocks for Salesforce apps. Use global components to build custom apps with tools like Lightning App Builder and Community Builder.Lightning Components

  • Global: 0
  • App Builder: 0
  • Community Builder: 0


Other System Requirements
Note: Salesforce only allows a limit of one custom app installed in your Group Edition Salesforce Instance. If you already have a Custom App installed, Salesforce will not allow for eMaps to be activated as a package within your Salesforce Organization.

Support Call 1-888-611-2679 for details.

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Package Name
Maps 47 / 4.7.5
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Latest Release
Fairfield, NJ, United States

Vision-e is a premier provider of Salesforce implementation, optimization and cloud computing technologies. From one-of-a-kind business productivity applications to on-demand customized services, Vision-e helps companies of all sizes and budgets streamline their Salesforce organizations to become more productive, effective and profitable.####Vision-e studies and explores business processes to provide unique solutions that tailor fit each client. Vision-e applications and services have been adopted by Xerox, General Mills, and Tivo, among many others. ####Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Vision-e was founded in 2010 by sales professionals who believe customers come first--no matter what. Visit or contact us at 1-888.611.2679 for more information.

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