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Codescan: Code Analysis Tools for Salesforce

Starting at $140 USD per Codescan block license per month We offer a FREE 30 day trial of the full featured product (see our website). Pricing is based on the Lines of Code that is analysed. Each block of 40,000 lines of code costs USD$1,400/year, subscription options, multi org and Eclipse user licenses avail.

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Get a grip on code quality

CodeScan is a complete code quality suite for Salesforce code that measures quality, helps identify bugs, allows custom rules, and ultimately increases maintainability and reduces the TCO of your Salesforce org. FREE full product 30 day trial avail.

  • All coding violation rules with customization options
  • More than 200 metrics including complexity and technical debt
  • Code analysers to help reduce bugs and other problems affecting code quality
CodeScan is a static analysis tool which allows Code Quality Assurance to be fully integrated into any workflow and fully customized to any specific organization's needs. It is widely understood that the most effective software quality assurance tools are static program analysis and peer review. CodeScan is a cost effective and efficient way of applying these best practice methods to your Salesforce org.

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Village Chief Pty Ltd is a Cloud Services company that helps businesses harness the power of the Cloud. Village Chief provides products for Salesforce. The product line-up includes a variety of Salesforce packages.