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IT Management
Robust Record Keeping with HPE Content Manager/TRIM Integration

- Save attachment and chatter documents to CM/RM/TRIM##- Save records to TRIM as PDF documents##- Add links to TRIM documents##- Update and delete features##- Enterprise record keeping##- Robust security with two-way SSL

  • HPE Content Manager (TRIM/Records Manager) integration for enterprise level record management for Salesforce®.
  • Create, update or delete HPE Content Manager (TRIM/Records Manager) documents from Salesforce. Document synchronization on demand.
  • Want bi-directional integration? See T4S - Sitecore? See our Sitecore - HPE Content Manager integration -
HPE Content Manager (TRIM/Records Manager) is Hewlett-Packard Enterprises's server based record management system designed to help businesses meet document governance and regulatory compliance obligations. S2T is an integration that empowers Salesforce® with HPE CM's robust record keeping features. ####S2T is a natively managed package that uses SOAP web services to pass individual or multiple records to configurable locations in HPE Content Manager (TRIM/RM) via HPE TRIM Web Services.####S2T lets you select attachments and chatter documents which can then be pushed to HPE CM at the click of a button. The push functionality can be added to any object that has related documents including custom objects.####Documents in HPE CM can be created, updated or deleted. The HPE CM location can be globally set in Salesforce and individually overridden if required.####S2T can work with multiple HPE CM instances and users can override the default HPE CM credentials with their own to get personalized access.## ##This application is ideal for out-of-cloud document persistence which is often required by public sector organizations.


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits

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Other System Requirements
S2T runs on any web browser supported by Salesforce. It connects to HP TRIM Web Services and works with HP TRIM 7.02 and later. Earlier versions may require customization.####A port needs to be exposed so S2T can access HP TRIM Web Services over SSL.

Support Optional support offers a next business day response after FuseIT receive an email notification of an issue (valid during normal New Zealand business hours). Responses are by email and usually answered on the same day by a subject matter expert.

Additional Information

Package Name
FuseIT S2T
Sept 26th 2013 / 1.22.0
First Release
Latest Release
Nelson, New Zealand
NZ: +64(3)547 8200

FuseIT is a New Zealand based software company with global clients. We have strong partnerships with, Sitecore and Micro Focus (re Micro Focus Content Manager). With deep expertise in our partner’s solutions, we have developed a range of scalable, flexible, and affordable integration connectors between Salesforce, Sitecore and Micro Focus Content Manager (TRIM/Records Manager). We provide services to businesses nationally and internationally in the Salesforce and Sitecore space, with a particular emphasis on Salesforce. Our team comprises Salesforce and Sitecore certified developers and consultants including NZ’s only Salesforce MVP, Daniel Ballinger, who is currently rated in the top three on the StackExchange. With clients in numerous vertical markets, we have developed effective techniques to maximize their technology investments. Contact us and use our global exposure and experience to find the best way to make technology work for you.