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SAVO: Prescriptive Sales Enablement




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Improve and analyze sales effectiveness

The SAVO sales enablement platform powers a broad range of sales enablement capabilities including prescriptive content, guided selling and custom engagement tools, which drive more predictable sales results across both direct and channel sales teams.

  • Intelligent recommendations to support digital playbooks, competitive intelligence, or##product specific information embedded within Salesforce based on information in your lead, account, contact, or opportunity records.
  • Tailored experience based on role, team, or industry focus to ensure that the most relevant content is reaching the right audience.
  • Ability to share content with prospects, customers, and internal teams from within Salesforce and receive immediate data on who has viewed and downloaded each asset.
SAVO bridges the gap between marketing and sales by providing a single source of relevant content to your sales teams, at the right time and in the right context. Sales reps get what they need, when they need it, and marketing gains valuable insights into what messaging, coaching and assets are working and those that aren’t driving sales performance.####More than a content management system, SAVO enables reps to become true sales professionals while driving increased adoption of CRM, improved sales efficiency as well as insight into which sales content is driving revenue.


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Other System Requirements
Your organization must have an existing account with SAVO to use this application.


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1.18 / 1.18.0
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Chicago, IL, USA

SAVO is the market leader in sales enablement. Our SaaS solution uses the power of content management, team selling, RFP/proposal automation, mobility and analytics to harness company-wide knowledge to drive the selling process. Smarter Selling™ aligns sales, marketing and sales operations to provide materials, coaching, tools and experts at the right time in the buying process. Businesses grapple with how to close gaps between: How buyers buy and sales reps sell.Marketers’ efforts and sales force’s needs.CRM investment, adoption and return. Forecasted revenue and results. SAVO reduces these gaps to drive profits, volume and share for Fortune 1000 companies. For more information visit:

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