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CrowdGuide - Training and Adoption Tool

$2 AUD per user per month 15 day free trial

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Improve the user journey with a custom help menu... in the sidebar!

Have you always wanted to create your own help menu in Salesforce? CrowdGuide is an easy to use and cost effective tool that allows you to create a context sensitive help menu. CrowdGuide sits in your sidebar and helps map your Salesforce journey.

  • Increase adoption by displaying your own contextual training content
  • Empower users by providing relevant step-by-step instructions
  • Close deals faster by displaying sales process details and helpful hints
CrowdGuide allows you to create quick reference guides that are easily accessed from the sidebar and can be populated from your training material. You create your own guides and select where in Salesforce (e.g. Accounts, Contacts, Custom Objects, all tabs, etc) you would like the guide to be displayed. The helpful pop up can include images, step-by-step instructions, business process diagrams, YouTube videos, naming conventions or best practice guidelines. ####NOW SUPPORTS:##* Custom help menu in the Service Cloud Console##* Adding of guides to all, one or multiple objects##* Different guides based on record type##* View counter to see how often your guides are viewed####Built 100% on, CrowdGuide integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce implementation.####Do you want to increase user adoption, ensure standard business processes are adhered to, improve data quality and re-enforce end user training? Install now!####Install CrowdGuide today and receive a free 15-day trial!


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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CrowdGuide / 1.59.0
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Sydney, Australia