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Grow Sales. Protect Revenue. Save Time.

Find opportunities to grow sales and delight customers with real-time visibility into backorders, inventory availability, status of shipments, customer ordering history, and more. FusionOps unlocks ERP data to provide better customer insights.

  • Find opportunities to grow sales with visibility into customers' ordering history and inventory availability
  • Protect revenue and eliminate lost orders with real-time alerts for late shipments and backorders
  • Increase sales efficiency with key customer information readily available within salesforce
FusionOps connects salesforce with ERP to provide sales teams with key information such as backorders, bookings, on-time fulfillment, inventory availability and more, within the Salesforce account view. ####Embedded infographics, dashboards and metrics help sales teams make better decisions on what to sell customers, and avoid lost orders. ####• Net Orders: See actual sales and sales growth across accounts####• Bookings: Track customers' open orders and ordering history based on accurate data from SAP or Oracle system####• Shipments: Get a complete view of all customer shipments, find opportunities to accelerate shipments into the current period####• Backorders: Identify backorders and past due backlog before customers miss a delivery####• Inventory Availability: Find opportunities to sell available inventory on short notice


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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FusionOp is a cloud-based application that connects to SAP or Oracle EBS.####Contact us to learn more about our easy integration methodology.


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FusionOps / 1.9.0
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Mountain View, CA, USA

FusionOps is the leading provider of cloud-based analytics applications for sales and supply chain. Over 2,000 users in 80 countries worldwide rely on the FusionOps suite of cloud applications to increase revenue, reduce cost and improve customer service. Unlike BI tools, the FusionOps SaaS applications come populated with industry standard metrics and data models. This eliminates the extensive cost and resources companies spend developing their own applications that can run into the tens of millions of dollars. For more information visit