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Fileboard - The #1 Sales Engagement

$39 USD per user per month Salesforce integration included in price. Go to for a free two week trial!



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Increase number of qualified leads. Reduce sales cycle, close deals faster

Fileboard's sales engagement platform provides tools to increase the amount of meetings and qualified leads. Close deals faster by reducing your sales cycle, know when to reach out and who to connect with.

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Best kept secret

How do you manage to meet as many clients as possible and present your offering? How do you engage them over the phone and close that meeting? Sending them an email doesn’t mean they’re following the conversation and it certainly doesn’t mean you have their complete attention. ####Since using Fileboard, I impress my clients by directing them to join me by simply typing out an URL, the live meeting feature allows to have visuals to, the efficiency of sending out the file and getting a notification that your file has been opened allows to smart and timely follow-ups.####I recommend this to everyone and my clients always ask me to tell them more about my experience.####I highly encourage you to try it; you’ll be a believer and wonder why you didn’t learn about this earlier.

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