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OSF Integrator for BTRACKING and Salesforce




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GPS and CRM integration made simple.

GPS and CRM Integration Made Simple!####Link with Salesforce to increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost overall efficiency.

  • Track visits made by field agents on each location of the account directly in Salesforce
  • Automatically geocode account locations using the addresses inputted and displays the locations on a map
  • View reports by account directly in Salesforce
-Convert a Salesforce CRM record into a street map; retrieve detailed driving directions and travel time information for the selected location#### -Dispatch the closest available technician to a customer in need while providing the technician real time account details from Salesforce#### -Identify new opportunities in a desired radius, building prospect lists based on proximity to existing customers#### -Gain visibility of your offsite resources and increase productivity####-View reports directly in Salesforce#### -Users see a complete overview of all activities at each location over a specified time period along with the route of the field agents#### -Identify accounts or territories that are growing quickly and might require an additional field sales agent#### -Display the visits per location and the duration of the visit for an account#### -Identify which accounts require more resources and adjust your workforce accordingly


  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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Other System Requirements
User must have a Btracking trial or paying account and must have the login information for that account.##If you don't have a trial account, please visit:


Additional Information

Package Name
OSF Integrator for Btracking and Salesforce
February 2013 / 1.104.0
First Release
Latest Release

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