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eMeetings: Create and send PDF automated reports and dashboards for meetings

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Create & send reports for sales coaching, meetings & training.

Try the free trial! eMeetings builds automated, packaged reports & dashboards in PDF format for meetings, reviews, business meetings, team meetings, coaching, performance review and more. Great meeting scheduler, send reports in time for monthly meetings!

  • Escalated reporting: With eMeetings, set up your reports once then package them together with just the push of a button. Within moments, the packaged reports & dashboards are sent to all meeting attendees.
  • Auto-Scheduler: Have your reports created for recurring, scheduled meetings. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly reports are emailed directly to you. No more missed meetings or reviews!
  • Custom Snapshot Reports: Create a completely custom report using any of your Salesforce reports or dashboards. Perfect for coaching and training.
Sales managers overwhelmed with the massive amounts of data available within Salesforce reports and dashboards know preparing for sales meetings or reviews can be daunting and time consuming.####eMeetings is a Salesforce app that helps build automated reports & dashboards and serves as a great sales tool and automatic meeting scheduler. Using it, sales managers set up packaged, visually pleasing PDF files of the reports and dashboards they need instantly. ####With the auto-scheduler, these packaged reports and dashboards are sent to your inbox on the recurring basis of your company’s business reviews or sales meetings.####eMeetings significantly reduces the amount of time spent planning and increases productivity and efficiency—so that everyone is better prepared for meetings, every time. ####Other features:##• Creation of custom reports using any Salesforce reports and dashboards##• Creation of time-saving templates--generate the same report for multiple salespeople##• Can be used for business meetings, team meetings, sales meetings, performance reviews, consolidated reports, reporting, expense reports, escalated reports, sales coaching tool.######See more at


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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eMeetings - 121 / 1.21.0
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Fairfield, NJ, United States

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