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Meeting Request Notifier

$10 USD per user per year Fully functional trial for whole org for 15 days, then charged $10/user/year.



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The missing feature of email notification of meeting requests from SF Event

Here is the solution to the missing functionality in Salesforce for receiving an email notification when your meeting request sent from Salesforce Event is responded to. With this app, get an email notification of the meeting request response.

  • Get email notification of Meeting Request Response
  • Report on Event Meeting Request Responses
  • Solve the missing feature of Salesforce!
Salesforce Events allows you add multiple contacts and users to an event and then send an invite to them. They receive an email like an Outlook meeting request with a button to click so that they can respond to the meeting request. They can submit their response as Accepted or Declined. That information is updated on the Event record in Salesforce, but you don't get notified via email! So in order to check the response of the meeting request you have to go back to the Event record manually and check the status. Could be a very time consuming and in-efficient task sometimes rendering this whole feature useless. Install this app and the owner of the Event gets notified via their user email when a User or Contact or Lead responds to the meeting request you sent with an email with the detail of the Event and the response. Now you know right away if they accepted or declined. The email notification checks for new responses every 15 minutes, so that is the max delay to being notified of the response. With this app you can also create custom Reports to report on and create Dashboards on the Meeting Attendee object. Currently this info is not available to reports or data export.


  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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Support If you are not receiving your email notifications, check that the auto scheduling is turned on by going to the App in top left "Meeting Request Notifier" and then the Scheduler tab. Also check your junk mail. If still a problem contact us.

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Package Name
Meeting Request Notifier
2015.12.17 / 1.11.0
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Latest Release

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