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Sales Intelligence
Win Competitive Deals Faster with Compelligence

The Compelligence System is the only system available that can deliver on-demand, customized competitive sales strategies. Sales people can quickly access competitive sales guidance, content, and experts within your company with Compelligence.

  • Deal-specific competitive strategy
  • Detailed competitive comparisons
  • Easy to find competitive content and resources
The Compelligence System provides sales teams with critical guidance for deals. By simply specifying the competitive products or services that a customer is considering, a sales person will receive product descriptions, sales positioning strategy, how to de-position the competition, complete product comparisons with strengths and weaknesses highlighted, pricing information, news, and access to all content and experts that are related to his or her unique competitive deal. ####This allows sales people to quickly access all the relevant information needed in order to win against the competition, without having to search through multiple sources or make multiple phone calls for help. ####In addition, it provides an easy way for marketing teams to deliver content to sales teams as well as to collect feedback on how to improve marketing strategies.


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Other System Requirements
The Compelligence Plug-In for requires a subscription to the Compelligence Competitive Intelligence Management System (CIMS).

Support E-mail support included with standard system. Premium telephone support available.

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2013.10 / 1.0.0
First Release
Latest Release
Compelligence, LLC
Los Altos, CA

Compelligence, Inc. was founded by two partners who worked in the Competitive Intelligence field at various companies for over 10 years each. They saw a challenge of being able to support sales teams with competitive data, while at the same time being able to provide competitive analysis for the strategic direction of their companies. The Compelligence System was created to allow sales teams to win deals faster by providing them with on-demand, competitive guidance that is customized to each individual deal.