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RealZips: Territory Management, Zip Codes, Owner Assignment, Lead Routing

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Global Territory Management, Geographic Data Automation, Market Data

RealZips GeoData Platform™ - Accelerate Sales####The native RealZips app delivers global territory management based on zip codes, geographic data, market data & ownership automation across all objects.####SUMMER '18 RELEASE NOTES: Ownership Automation

  • ENRICH DATA. ROUTE LEADS. AUTOMATE OWNERSHIP: Automatically reference zip code, MSA Metropolitan, county, territory, sales team, sales rep & distance data, state tax rate & county tax. Improve data quality. Lead routing, account ownership & sharing.
  • TERRITORY MANAGEMENT: Optimize global territories, manage overlapping territories and multiple sales channels. Set and track sales quotas. Align ownership and track territory changes. Enable collaboration across sales teams and sales channels.
  • REALDATASETS.COM Store: Get market data and pinpoint geographic areas with top growth potential. Focus marketing and sales resources in hotspots that will generate sales. For all industries such as automotive, government, retail, technology, nonprofits.
The RealZips app enables your team to drive sales & marketing success. RealZips simplifies geographical administration. RealZips adds deep geographic data points based on zips & postal codes.####RealZips GeoData automatically connects with existing CRM data, enriching & structuring customer data with geographic data. Real-time geographic metrics describe your geographical operations, market potential and quota attainment across all geographic levels.####Search, analyze and report on CRM data across :##- USPS zip code, city, county, MSA metropolitan metro area##- Sales territory, sales region, channel partner territories, franchisees, resellers ##- State, census region, federal region & demographic census population data####The RealZips app speeds up workflows for assign leads, territory management, account sharing, ownership alignment, identifying market potential, targeting locations & tracking performance.####Assign zip codes to sales team & channel partners. Set up territories, sales quotas, lead routing & automate ownership. Roll out RealZips globally across countries such as United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Japan, Australia, etc.


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Package Name
RealZips GeoData Platform
RealZips GeoData Platform - Summer 2018 - Global Mass Update / 6.0.0
First Release
Latest Release
RealScenario - Cloud Business Apps™
Fort Lauderdale, FL

RealScenario - Cloud Business Apps™ is committed to empowering your sales and marketing teams in their daily activities. ####We enhance your organization's Salesforce CRM data with Zip codes and GeoData, delivered through our unique RealZips GeoData Platform™. The GeoData is auto-connected to all your existing CRM data. ####Our customers experience immediate improvements in their geographic workflows. We are seeing customers saving 100+ hours, just days into their free trial.####RealScenario is looking forward to support you and your team, while you trial RealZips at no risk and with no commitment.####Based on experience from our growing customer base, we are confident your team will quickly speed up geographic marketing and sales workflows with the RealZips app.