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ASPEC Sales Opportunity Management

Starting at $25 USD per user per month ASPEC is compatible with Professional Edition if API is enabled.



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Sales Tracking, Sales Method, Sales Coaching, Sales Intelligence.

ASPEC for Salesforce tracks the sales cycle, assesses the probability, determines a priority and provides expert sales coaching in a breakthrough simple, yet elegant interface. ASPEC for Salesforce is an insanely simple and brilliantly powerful app.

  • Know exactly where you are in the sales cycle
  • Stay on top of all of your opportunities with the ASPEC Priority View
  • Take the subjectivity out of tracking your opportunities
For the first time, ASPEC offers a simple, trusted method to track all of your opportunities, not just the top few. After answering three simple questions, ASPEC can instantly assign a probability and priority to the opportunity.####The Priority view sorts all of the opportunities and shows which ones need to be focused on right away. Opportunities don't get buried and they don't fall through the cracks.####ASPEC (an acronym for Automated Sales Process Engine for the Computer) was designed around the computer, a patented sales methodology that analyzes your opportunities using your information, your process, remembering everything, and supports you every step of the way.####• Comprehensive opportunity analysis using our patented sales methodology.##• Easily track your sales cycles and manage your opportunities.##• Real-time Forecasts, Reporting & Analytics.##• Accurate Probability and Risk Assessment.##• ASPEC automatically prioritizes, so you can focus on the right deal.##• Expert sales coaching that understands each unique sales environment.####* ASPEC is compatible with Professional Edition if API is enabled.


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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Other System Requirements
ASPEC is compatible with Professional Edition if API is enabled.


Additional Information

Package Name
ASPEC 29 / 2.9.0
First Release
Latest Release
SalesWays Corporation
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SalesWays Inc. delivers a range of solutions to increase sales effectiveness in companies of all sizes, across a number of industries. The foundation of all SalesWays Inc. products and services is the company’s patented OPM methodology, which helps sales professionals determine the priority of every opportunity, allowing them to work in an order that maximizes overall bottom line potential. SalesWays offerings include business books, sales training, e-Learning courses, and both mobile and desktop software applications.

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