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goalgamiPro by Advisor Software

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Advisors: Financial Planning for Salesforce

Strengthen client relationships and save time and money with the first financial planning app built natively in Salesforce. Now you can build, assess, and manage your client's financial plans all from the comfort of your CRM.

  • STREAMLINE Your Planning Process - produce plans in minutes without leaving Salesforce.
  • DRIVE More Business - generate plans quickly and easily as part of your sales process to attract and close more business.
  • DEEPEN Your Client Knowledge – collect all of your client’s financial information in Salesforce for a 360 degree view.
goalgamiPro is a straightforward and effective tool for building financial plans for your clients. Centralize all of your client’s financial planning information, including goals, in Salesforce so there is no more jumping from system to system to find the information you need. Set up a plan for your client in minutes and instantly assess if they can afford their goals with an innovative diagnostic tool, called the Household Balance Sheet.####Key Features:##- Add your client’s financial accounts to their Account record in Salesforce.##- Add spouse or dependents as Contacts.##- Create plans for Accounts in Salesforce.##- Include future income resources, such as employment or Social Security, in a plan.##- Enter your client’s spending goals – prioritize and specify goal details.##- Generate and save a Household Balance Sheet for each plan – look at your client’s goals by priority and understand your client’s ability to fund their goals.##- Keep a history of Household Balance Sheets and reports generated for each client.##- Set your own economic assumptions for each plan.##- Set up workflows using plan data, such as goal due dates, to be more proactive with your clients.


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goalgamiPro for Salesforce
Version 1.5.2 / 1.5.2
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Advisor Software
2175 N. California Blvd. Walnut Creek, CA 94596

ASI provides innovative web-based solutions to empower today’s financial advisor and suit the needs of each of our clients. ASI’s products address a range of functional needs, including Planning, Proposal Generation, Portfolio Construction, Rebalancing, and Investment Analytics. The company pioneered enterprise rebalancing and a unique Household Balance Sheet approach to financial planning available through goalgamiPro, a quick planning solution. ASI’s solutions have been used by over 90,000 advisors.

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