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SMSupport ☁ SMS Text Message Based Chat for Service & Support

$19 USD per user per month

Discounts available for nonprofits



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Real-time live chat with text messages for Salesforce

SMSupport is the only 100% native Salesforce app on the AppExchange that allows you to engage in real-time, two-way conversations via SMS. Respond to your customers where they want you to, interacting and engaging in real-time via text message.

  • Send a text message to Contacts and Leads or send multiple texts at once to all Campaign members
  • Engage in real-time conversation via SMS with multiple Twilio numbers
  • Receive incoming text messages in Salesforce, just like you would on your mobile phone
SMSupport uses Twilio's API to send text messages to 1,000 carrier networks, in 150+ countries (contact SMSupport for other gateways.) There is no middleman - you use your own Twilio account, meaning that SMSupport is the most affordable text messaging app on the AppExchange.####Note that SMSupport does not work with Person Accounts enabled. Note that the Nonprofit Starter Pack uses Person Accounts, so SMSupport does not work with this.####Respond to your customers how they want you to, interacting and engaging in real-time via SMS text messaging.


  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits

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Other System Requirements
You must have a Twilio account to use for sending and receiving text messages. Please note that Twilio costs ( are not included in the price of SMSupport. A Site is also required for correct operation.

Support For support, please send a text message to (415) 767-0842.

Additional Information

Package Name
Summer 2016 / 1.11.0
First Release
Latest Release

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