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Advanced Sales/CRM Functionality for Boat Dealerships

The first app for Salesforce specifically designed for the marine industry providing advanced, state-of-the art Sales/CRM functionality for boat dealerships

  • Easily maintain boat and trailer inventories
  • Quickly find prospective customers for boats you have for sale based on their interests
  • Generate sales contracts with a click of a button
-Keep track of all your customers, sales inquiries, service history, and boats sold, traded, and brokered.####-Quickly and easily identify prospective boat buyers using a database that keeps track of customer boat interests.####-Opportunities can quickly and easily be generated simply by selecting a Boat Buyer, a Boat from inventory, a Boat Seller, a Potential Trade, and a Trailer from inventory.####-All new lead data collected on a Contact (e.g., boat interest, phone, email, etc.) replaces any old data that may already exist for that Contact.####-All new and used boats can be entered or loaded into Salesforce and referenced on Opportunities, reports, spec sheets, or the dealership's primary website.####-All trailers for sale can be entered into inventory so that they can be sold along with boats.


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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Other System Requirements
teamMarine-Sales is an Extension Package to the teamMarine Base Package. You must first install the free teamMarine Base Package before installing teamMarine-Sales.


Additional Information

Package Name
Fall 2014 / 1.19.0
First Release
Latest Release
edjix, LLC
Naples, FL, USA

edjix develops cutting-edge software solutions that extend and enhance the power of Cloud computing on the platform. We focus on significantly increasing the productivity of our users through sensible and user-friendly applications.

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