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Fingertip, The new way to decide.

$29 USD per user per month 12 month subscription (paid in advance)

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Project Management
We make decisions visible, measurable and manageable.

Fingertip is a decision making app for lean and agile organizations where governance plays a major role. We streamline decision making, planning, and leadership.##Fingertip is one of the first designated as a Powered by Lightning app

  • We’re the first to digitize the core process of knowledge work, decision making.##We make decisions visible, measurable and manageable.##No more disconnect.##No more missing information.##No more unclarity on what was decided.
  • Fingertip handles decisions from ideation, through finding solutions, deciding, executing and evaluating.##It’s agnostic to decision making style and culture.##Fingertip gathers the end-to-end process into one tool.
  • Fingertip scales from small to large organizations.##It manages everyday business decisions to corporate governance. Fingertip streamlines, documents and creates audit trail, works on Mobile & Desktop. And works also standalone without Salesforce.
We want to create a world in which people are passionate about their work because they are empowered to control their own objectives and take new responsibilities. ####In the 21st centuries our technical abilities have evolved so much but they haven't reached into the working realm. According to studies people are more disengaged than ever at work. We at Fingertip feel that technology needs to support and improve the way we work to create a feeling of security for every knowledge worker. ####We envision a world in which people love their work. We want to create a world where we see meaning and purpose in our jobs. We can achieve this by improving the way we make decisions. One decision at a time.####Our mission is to offer organizations a tool and process to improve their decision making. We provide this by our application that guides organizations by two core principles: a lifecycle for decision making and role based accountabilities and responsibilities.


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
  • Optimized for the Salesforce1 mobile appSalesforce1 Mobile
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits

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  • Custom Objects: 58
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  • Custom Tabs: 22

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Other System Requirements
Requires Chatter to be enabled##Manual configurations required, we offer free setup support for initial installation.

Support To ensure smooth configuration we offer free installation support and provide premium support and administration services at an additional charge. We provide support through and guide users carefully to ensure good adoption.

Additional Information

Package Name
Fingertip 5.4 / 5.4.0
First Release
Latest Release
Fingertip Ltd
Helsinki, Finland
+358 40 547 3566

Fingertip is an online decision making application. Fingertip Ltd is privately owned, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. Our vision is to be the best and most used decision making application. We make decisions visible, measurable and manageable. Fingertip is the new way to decide. There is nothing more important than being able to decide. Making good decisions is a crucial skill at every level. The easiest way to improve productivity is to focus on solving the tragedies and uncertainties around decision making.

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