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CloudComp - Commissions Management, Incentive Compensation, Quotas, SPM

Starting at $34 USD per user per month $34.00 per user / month annual subscription, minimum 5 licenses.



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Commission Anything - Custom Quotas, Rules, Accelerators - Any Object

Sales Commissions Management, Quota Management & Incentive Compensation App for Salesforce - Native, Lightning Ready, Click-to-Configure.####Unlimited Custom Quotas and Plans using data from Standard or Custom Objects.####Built-in Support for ASC 606.

  • Highly Customizable Commissions App - Calculates Commissions on data from any Standard or Custom Objects and Fields - Multi-Compensation Plan, Multi-Tier, Multi-Quota, Custom Teams, Hierarchies - Lightning Ready - Built-in Support for ASC 606 Compliance.
  • Multi-Currency Quotas and Commissions, Supports Advanced Currency Management and Dated Exchange Rates. Pay your Sales Reps in any Currency and empower them to transact business in all currencies enabled in your Salesforce org.
  • The most flexible Commissions & Quota Management features available for Salesforce. Configure custom monthly, quarterly and annual quotas and Compensation Plans for individuals & teams based on your own custom quantity and revenue definitions.
CloudComp Commission Anything is a 100% Salesforce Native, Lightning Ready, Click-to-Configure Enterprise Incentive Compensation App for Salesforce.## ##CloudComp supports Multi-Quota, Multi-Plan, Multi-Tier, Multi-Currency Compensation with unparalleled quick setup and speedy implementation and built-in support for FASB ASC 606 compliance.####With CloudComp, you have the power to configure your own Compensation Plans & Commission rules in Salesforce according to your own unique needs using intuitive CloudComp user interfaces and button-click Salesforce Admin skills, without the need for costly and time-consuming custom development.####Use custom monthly, quarterly and annual quotas based on your own quantity and revenue definitions with flexible multi-tier compensation plans.####CloudComp Compensation administrators have complete management functionality from within Salesforce Lightning, Classic and Mobile with no code or programming required. ####Compensation recipients have access their personalized compensation interface 24/7 on any mobile device.####Easily reward your users with your custom performance awards such as trips, gift certificates, tech gadgets and more!


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
  • Built 100% on the Lightning Platform, providing reliability and performanceNative App
  • Optimized for the Salesforce1 mobile appSalesforce1 Mobile
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits
  • Supports orgs where Person Accounts is enabledPerson Accounts
  • Supports orgs where Multiple Currencies is enableMulti-Currency

Contents of managed packages don't count against your org's app, tab, and object limits. Contents of unmanaged packages count against these limits, so check your org before installing.Package Contents

  • Custom Objects: 24
  • Custom Applications: 2
  • Custom Tabs: 13

Lightning components are building blocks for Salesforce apps. Use global components to build custom apps with tools like Lightning App Builder and Community Builder.Lightning Components

  • Global: 0
  • App Builder: 0
  • Community Builder: 0


Other System Requirements
Please confirm that Forecasting is enabled in your Salesforce Org prior to install.##100% Lightning and Salesforce Mobile Ready

Support Setup and configuration support included for Certified Salesforce Administrators during active trials and subscriptions 9AM-5PM PT M-F

(888) 231-3646

Additional Information

Package Name
CloudComp Summer 18 / 2.61.0
First Release
Latest Release
Santa Cruz Ca, USA
(888) 231-3646

An ISV and Consulting Partner since 2007, Surfwriter brings deep experience and expertise in Commissions Management, Sales Performance Management, Incentive Compensation, Revenue Recognition, Sales Data Processing, Digital Media Data Management and Salesforce Administration. ##The "CloudComp Commission Anything" App by Surfwriter automates Enterprise Multi-Plan, Multi-Tier, Multi-Currency Sales Commissions, Quota Management and Incentive Compensation in Salesforce with speedy click-to-configure setup for all standard and custom objects and fields. ##The "RevenueCloud" App, by Surfwriter enhances sales team collaboration by enabling highly configurable Opportunity revenue sharing, Automated Monthly Revenue Scheduling, Ad Server Data Integration, Insertion Order Management and more! ##Surfwriter Apps are 100% Native, Certified by and support Multi-Currency with Dated Exchange Rates.##Learn more:

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