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Noble® SmartEngage




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Customer Contact - Analytics - Compliance - for Service & Sales Teams

Noble unifies your Salesforce CRM with our contact automation technologies, allowing your Inside Sales or Customer Service call center teams to increase speed to lead / speed of service, close business, improve the customer experience, and grow revenues.

  • Noble SmartEngage gives inside sales and service teams integrated contact center tools for soft phone, click-to-talk, and inbound skills-based routing, so they can handle new contacts faster, close more business, and improve first-call resolution.
  • Noble SmartEngage embeds our award-winning Composer telephony, dialer and inbound controls into the workspace, creating a single view for the sales reps and service reps to execute their day to day activities.
  • Inside sales reps, customer service professionals, and contact center agents can work more efficiently, with one-click access to a range of contact management tools.
Inside Sales and Customer Service teams that use Salesforce CRM with outbound and inbound contact automation are able to take advantage of the benefits that integrated technologies can bring, allowing them to respond quickly to new opportunities or requests. Noble SmartEngage gives call centers the ability to handle customer contacts with ease, by embedding our award-winning telephony, soft phone, dialing, and inbound routing controls into the workspace to create a unified desktop for executing their day to day activities.####With Noble, inside sales reps and customer service reps can work within the software and have the power of 1-click access to a range of contact management tools to:##• Click-to-Dial a number, Schedule a callback, Transfer a call, etc##• Handle customer contacts more effectively##• Eliminate switching between programs, manual look-ups, and making customers wait while reps try to find info##• Increase customer satisfaction and improve productivity##• Additional benefits: Regulatory Compliance, Campaign Management, Call Recording, Broadcast Voicemail Messages, Skills-based Routing, Quality Control, Performance Reports & more


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Noble Enterprise Solution


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Package Name
Noble Systems Telephony
1.6 Release / 1.6.0
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Latest Release
Noble Systems Corporation
Atlanta, GA, USA
+1 (404) 851 1331

Noble Systems Corporation is a world leader in customer contact center technology. Every day, tens of thousands of agents around the world sit down at a workstation powered by Noble Systems. Those agents handle over ten million customer contacts each day, and every one of those calls is handled in the most efficient manner possible.