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eCoach: Sales coach, training beyond call scripts. Sales Management Process.

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Improve sales calls! Increase sales with custom scripts & coaching.

What if your sales management process was in the hands of every sales rep so they can perform like your best sales rep? Reduce sales training time & increase wins with the power of sales coaching. The eCoach platform hosts your call scripts and training.

  • Sales calls are improved with custom sales call scripts. Create scripts for your sales team (inside, mobile, telemarketing) and coach your team to improved sales performance! For Apple iOs (iPhone, iPad), Android phones and tablets, desktops, and laptops.
  • Use eCoach to create an interactive sales solution to help your company turn each sales team member into a challenger & deal maker. Guide your reps in cold calling with specific calls to actions & dependencies. eCoach increases sales activities.
  • Create your custom sales scripts and call scripts with eCoach’s custom scripting module. Use for telemarketing, inside sales, cold calls, and mobile sales scripts. This is the perfect platform for call centers, inside sales & telemarketers.
The way a sales representative responds to unexpected questions on a sales call can either spells success for your business or can be the death of a sales pitch. Coaching and training can be expensive & time exhaustive.####eCoach takes sales training to the cloud, capturing each call, and ensuring compliance. With eCoach, sales managers empower each sales rep with the same, uniform script each time they present offerings to a current or potential customer. This sales solution platform allows sales trainers and coach to create easy, customizable scripts and provide their sales rep with the exact information they need to ask the right questions on every sales call.####Sales training and script building becomes efficient and reportable with eCoach. Whether your team is inside sales or mobile, eCoach, which works in iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as desktop and laptop computers, can help you quickly improve sales performance, allowing for more closed deals.####Coaching a sales team is highly effective with eCoach’s Facetime integration, which allows sales managers to have direct involvement in sales calls or just in time training needs.####See more at


  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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Other System Requirements
Note: Salesforce only allows a limit of one custom app to be installed in your Group Edition Salesforce Instance. If you already have a Custom App installed, Salesforce will not allow for eMaps to be activated as a package within your Salesforce Org.

Support Call 1-888-611-2679 for details.

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eCoach 2 / 2.30.0
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Fairfield, NJ, United States

Vision-e is a premier provider of Salesforce implementation, optimization and cloud computing technologies. From one-of-a-kind business productivity applications to on-demand customized services, Vision-e helps companies of all sizes and budgets streamline their Salesforce organizations to become more productive, effective and profitable.####Vision-e studies and explores business processes to provide unique solutions that tailor fit each client. Vision-e applications and services have been adopted by Xerox, General Mills, and Tivo, among many others. ####Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Vision-e was founded in 2010 by sales professionals who believe customers come first--no matter what. Visit or contact us at 1-888.611.2679 for more information.