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HeroBase Dialer | Call Recording | Outbound Call Log

€49 EUR per user per month Call Recording Add-on: Storage Plans: - 3 months: 12 EUR/user/month - 6 months: 24 EUR/user/month - 12 months: 40 EUR/user/month 30-day FREE trial includes calling European countries. Please contact us if you wish to call outside Europe.



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Power Dialer with Call Recording and Automatic Logging - FREE 30-day trial

Guaranteed increase in your ROI with The HeroBase Dialer with call recording for salesforce™. Easily track all outbound call activities, benefit from the latest in Scandinavian quality and stability and see an immediate impact in your sales numbers.

  • Get up to 4 x more talk time per prospecting hour
  • Immediately increase sales results
  • Keep track of outbound activities with automatic call registration
Sales & Marketing MANAGERS:##• Increase sales efficiency by 4x##• Say goodbye to manual call registration - keep track of outbound calls automatically##• Ensure and retain an efficient and intelligent proactive outbound effort##• Record conversations automatically##• Set it up and have your Salesforce agents calling – from anywhere – in minutes####Sales & Marketing PROFESSIONALS:##• Get more sales conversations than ever to help you reach your targets##• Create and manage your own personal call list##• Not a single call falls through the cracks. Your important redials are prioritized and called automatically as scheduled##• Say goodbye to manual registrations of busy or unanswered calls##• You’re up and running in minutes with just a web-browser and a phone line##• No dial tone = No stress####Try FREE for 30 days! Click on "Get It Now".


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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Other System Requirements
BROWSER:##Microsoft Edge##Internet Explorer versions 9 and up. ##Mozilla Firefox: current version - 1##Google Chrome: current version - 1##Apple Safari: versions 5.x and 6.x on Mac OS X####PHONE:##Phone line with full digit number (IP or landline recommended)

Support BE +32 288 017 88 DE +49 69 333 993 66 DK +45 70 202 304 NL +31 202 626 888 NO +47 21 984 270 SE +46 406 456 240

Additional Information

Package Name
HeroBase for Salesforce
Herobase 1.6.1 / 1.235.2
First Release
Latest Release
Copenhagen, Denmark

The Hero Dialer App helps sales organizations increase efficiency and profitability from outbound sales activities.####Our customers make 100.000.000+ outbound calls per year and trust us for stability and quality of service - and even more importantly - they report an increase in sales productivity of 25-400% when using the Hero Dialer App.####Because it is intuitive, efficient and easy to deploy, our Dialer App is loved by users all over the world – 18 to 80+ years of age to conduct outbound activities like campaigns, renewals, data enrichment, collecting email permissions, appointment-setting and responding to web-leads.