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Vision-e Scan: Upload business cards in Salesforce with your mobile device.




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Scan business cards into Salesforce with iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Free app for up to 5 users to Scan business cards with your mobile device to quickly upload as a Contact or Lead. OCR services not included. Install this SF App, then install your Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play. Salesforce 1 compatible.

  • Use your mobile phone, iPad or Android device to take a picture of a business card & instantly scan it directly into Salesforce. Add enhancements, like notes, to your business card contact or lead right from your phone. Manage your business cards today!
  • Vision-e has a beautifully simple user interface. It's so intuitive and easy to use. Start scanning cards immediately to scan to leads, contacts and accounts. The business card scanner immediately exports to Salesforce, to manage as Leads or Contacts!
  • Designed for extremely fast uploading. With the click of a button, your business cards automatically scan to Salesforce. Scan is the fastest and best way to import business cards into Salesforce. Access the app from anywhere for quick data entry!
Using your Android or iOS mobile device, you can now scan contact information from business cards with our user-friendly app. In just a few short steps you can turn a card into a lead or contact in your Salesforce org. Salesforce 1 compatible.####With Vision-e Scan, second generation of eContacts, scanning data from business cards ends up where it belongs - in your Salesforce org, not stuffed in some desk drawer or thrown out in the trash. Plus, users can capture and load business card images using their cell phones so cards can be uploaded into Salesforce during trade shows, conferences, and while making outside sales calls. ####With Vision-e Scan, add contacts and leads to Salesforce. It's as easy as taking a picture!####Our scanning solution is free up to 5 users. QR code scanner & barcode reader are available with Scan and, now, voice scanning which allows you to record quick memos and send the audio files to Salesforce to create a new task. ####Like Einstein, our scanning solution harnesses AI to make scanning more accurate.


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Scanning 12 / 1.254.5
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Fairfield, NJ, United States

Vision-e is a premier provider of Salesforce implementation, optimization and cloud computing technologies. From one-of-a-kind business productivity applications to on-demand customized services, Vision-e helps companies of all sizes and budgets streamline their Salesforce organizations to become more productive, effective and profitable.####Vision-e studies and explores business processes to provide unique solutions that tailor fit each client. Vision-e applications and services have been adopted by Xerox, General Mills, and Tivo, among many others. ####Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Vision-e was founded in 2010 by sales professionals who believe customers come first--no matter what. Visit or contact us at 1-888.611.2679 for more information.

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