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PriceBook Configurator Lite - Winter '15 Release




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A simple, easy to use app to manage your PriceBooks

By using PriceBook Configurator you can defined you own filter criteria on Account and PriceBook will automatically gets assigned to the Opportunity based on the predefined filter criteria.

Define you own filter/criteria based on Account and set PriceBook for the criteria. The PriceBook then becomes the default PriceBook for all future Opportunities those are related to Account.#### - If you defined criteria for Account like "BillingCountry = USA" then "PriceBook for USA" is assigned to all the Opportunities those are related to Account having BillingCity as USA.## - You can defined as many filter/criteria as you want and in one criteria can add filter on more than one field.######With PriceBook Configurator you can manage pricing tiers by defining specific criteria on Account.####Pricebooks are special objects in that can't be assigned to other objects. This means you can't assign a PriceBook to an account or any object for that matter. This application breaks that restriction and allows you to assign a PriceBook to an account, so you can automatically default a PriceBook for Quotes and Opportunities based on the PriceBook assigned to the Account.


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Package Name
Pricebook Config Lite
Winter 2015 / 1.4.0
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Latest Release
McLean, VA, USA

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