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itracMarketer - Email Marketing & Compliance (CASL) & Marketing Automation




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Sell smarter & don't let leads fall through the cracks.

itracMarketer is a simple and affordable CASL compliant Email marketing and marketing automation solution. itracMarketer powers your digital marketing with time saving automated campaigns and lead capture, reliable, personal touch service. 

  • Track your email marketing and contacts activity across email, websites, and social media.
  • Receive real time hot list and activity reporting for all your important leads & contacts.
  • CASL (Canada anti-spam law) compliance management.
itracMarketer provides marketing automation, email marketing, social marketing, and lead scoring and lead management. The system provides clear direction that will tell you how to focus your sales and marketing teams time and resources, identify where the best opportunities lie, and help your sales force turn prospects into rewarding relationships.####The platform for all our solutions is itracMarketer, our proprietary cloud marketing automation software application that plugs into accounts.####Most CRM systems merely manage a database and only store the information someone had to manually input into the system. itracMarketier goes way beyond that.####What you get is a system that manages your leads, automates followup, deploys your email marketing & social media campaigns, and tracks the results for you. It’s simple and it’s smart. And, if you prefer, it can also plug into your current CRM.####These are challenging times right now, so don’t just market harder, market smarter. Let itracMarketer give you the depth of understanding and clarity of focus you need to grow, thrive and achieve your business goals.


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Other System Requirements
Minimum browser requirements IE 7, Firefox 3.

Support E-Mail: - Available 24 hours x 7 days Phone Support: 416.364.9444 - Available 9:00 am - 5:30 pm EST


Additional Information

Package Name
Summer 2018 / 1.29.0
First Release
Latest Release
itracMEDIA Inc.
Toronto Ontario Canada

ItracMEDIA is the parent company of itracMarketer. itracMarketer is the only Email marketing and marketing automation solution built for medium-sized and large business growth that delivers no worry CASL compliance and respects data privacy with data stored in Canada. As the trusted choice of Canadian digital marketers,itracMarketer saves time with automated campaigns and lead capture, amplifies customer acquisition and retention, and optimizes marketing performance. itracMarketer is a simple, affordable solution that adapts to your business operations and how you interact with customers while integrating with your business systems. With reliable, personal touch service we are you extension of your marketing team. Visit to learn more or call 416-364-9444. 

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