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Haka Connect - Manufacturing Sales Enablement

$19 USD per user per month Additional Contract Terms: Annual upfront charge at time of purchase. Annual license renews automatically. Net 30 payment terms.

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Sales Intelligence
Manufacturing Sales Enablement, Product Marketing, Product Management

Do you sell a huge number of products into a variety of markets? Provide your sales team with the product playbook they need to achieve success.####Manufacturing Sales Enablement, Product Playbook, Buyer Personas, Sales Content, Playbooks. 100% Native.

  • PRODUCT PLAYBOOK. Why should your sales reps have to be product experts?!? Let your product managers do the work for them. For each customer segment, your reps will be presented with the applications of your products and how they create value.
  • VALUE MESSAGING. Communicating value messages continues to be a top inhibitor of sales performance. With Haka Connect, your product marketing team will be able to provide your sales reps an understand the buyer, their needs, and how to communicate value.
  • IMPROVE SHARE. Imagine your sales reps arriving at their end use customers with a map of all the ways that your products create value. You would be able to create a lot more pull through in the channel and increase quota attainment!!
Manufacturing companies produce 1000s of products. Sales is expected to know the entire catalog on demand to have a conversation with a customer about a specific need.####Haka Connect guides your reps through this complexity. They will also have the knowledge and tools they need to pitch the right products with the right value messages to the right buyer enabling them to create opportunities.####PROBLEMS SOLVED:####▶ KILL THE CATALOG. Sales is expected to know your entire product catalog on demand in order to have a conversation with your customer. How's that fair?!? With Haka Connect, your reps will know how your products solve customers' problems and how to communicate the value.####▶ IMPROVE SHARE. Sales reps are challenged with understand all the ways your products can solve problems for your customers. With Haka Connect, your reps will be able to identify new opportunities with product and customer knowledge right in Salesforce.####▶ UPGRADE SALES EFFECTIVENESS. Sales professionals spend up to 20% of their time searching for and modifying sales collateral. Eliminate this waste by pushing relevant and useful sales playbooks and content right to the Opportunity in Salesforce.


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Haka Connect
1.12 / 1.12.0
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Haka Products
Chicago, IL, USA
(312) 725-4594

Haka Products simplifies your product portfolio for your sales reps and helps them create opportunities for growth. Haka Connect, our manufacturing sales enablement app, helps your reps connect the dots between customer needs and your products.####It’s almost as if the sales reps forget about the thousands or millions of products in your catalog and focus instead on how the applications of those products can create value and solve problems for your customers. As the old saying goes, sell holes, not drills. Think of it like a product playbook.####And because our apps are 100% based on Salesforce, the learning curve and time to value will be next to nothing.

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