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CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer - Free




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Event Monitoring Viewer delivers free visibility into Salesforce log files

The CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer is a free visualization tool that provides visibility into Salesforce event log files to monitor logins, geolocate events, detect suspicious user behavior and surface data leakage such as downloads and exports.

  • Delivers free visualization into Salesforce event log files.
  • Monitor logins and geolocate events to detect suspicious user behavior.
  • Surfaces data leakage such as downloads and exports.
The CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer is a free visualization tool that provides out-of-the-box visibility into Salesforce event log files with in easy-to-use interface. Leveraging Salesforce’s Event Monitoring capabilities, specifically the Event Log Files API, the Event Monitoring Viewer visualizes and organizes all log files by date and event type and delivers drill-down capabilities into each file. In addition, the application also provides geolocation maps for all events tied to IP addresses, offering quick insight as to where events are occurring. ####For more complex parameterized data, the Event Monitoring Viewer allows further drill-down that decodes and normalizes URL-encoded attributes.Event Monitoring Viewer files can be easily exported as csv-files to conduct further log data and business intelligence analysis. ####Key benefits:## - Detect suspicious user behavior## - Assess system adoption## - Surface data leakage such as download and exports## - Monitor logins and geolocation events


  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited,, and Developer EditionsEnterprise & Up
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Other System Requirements
Requires Salesforce Event Log Files API

Support Community supported only. See the CloudLock customer knowledge base:

Additional Information

Package Name
CloudLock Event Monitoring Viewer
Event Monitoring Viewer 1.6 / 1.6.0
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Waltham, MA, USA

CloudLock offers the cloud security fabric enabling enterprises to protect their data in the cloud, reduce risk, achieve compliance, manage threats and increase productivity. By analyzing 15 billion+ objects for more than 5 million end users daily, CloudLock delivers the only complete, risk-appropriate and people-centric approach to cloud security. ####For more information about the company visit: or follow CloudLock on Twitter @CloudLock.