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clearMDM - Enterprise-Grade Master Data Management

Starting at £3,000 GBP per Production Org per year Editions and Pricing information can be found on the product website at or please enquire at 50% discount available to non-profits, proud Pledge 1% partners since 2016.

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Data Cleansing
Scalable 360° View Automation. Data Quality Protection.

clearMDM® delivers Single Customer View/360° View benefits quickly via an intuitive setup & automated, scalable MDM operations. 100% native. Compatible with Standard & Custom objects. Lightning Ready.####Click "Get it Now" for a free 5-day trial.

  • SCALABLE 360° VIEW AUTOMATION##Advanced, flexible Record Matching & Merge features (Cross-object & Cross-field) with related data Consolidation via Rules-based Reparenting & Custom Rollups (KPIs drawn from the consolidated view; CLV, Segmentation etc.).
  • DATA QUALITY & GOVERNANCE##Establish a clear understanding of data quality through Data Quality Rule Sets (Standard and Custom). Proactive and actionable analysis of data quality metrics can be imperative to the success of data-centric projects.
  • DATA GOVERNANCE##Time Efficient Data Stewarding. Fully automate end-to-end record life-cycles that align with data governance standards. Duplicate management becomes an administrative issue not a business concern.
clearMDM delivers an Enterprise-Grade Master Data Management solution for the Salesforce platform. Lightweight, scalable and automated MDM operations support bulk record processing (via API or schedule), manual invocation and real-time processing (via API or Process Builder Actions) for transactional data flows.####KEY BUSINESS BENEFITS####• Single Customer View = Operational Efficiency. End users view a single Master Record; duplicate records are hidden.####• 360° Insight = Enhanced Customer Relationships & accurate segmentation.####• Data Profiling = Clear visibility of data quality challenges enables proactive action to be taken; for data-centric projects such insights can be critical to success.####• Point-of-entry protection prevents duplication at source.####• Traceability. Master Records maintain a memory of the Source Records they represent.####• Limited Data Storage Overhead. Duplicate records can be maintained on-platform or removed entirely.####• Implementation Cost. Straightforward to configure & maintain; no code required.####• Intuitive setup UI designed for Salesforce Administrators. ####• Compatible with Person Accounts & Accounts/Contacts related to Portal Users.


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
  • Built 100% on the Lightning Platform, providing reliability and performanceNative App
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits
  • Provider has pledged 1% of their product, profit, equity, or time to support the communityPledge 1%

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Other System Requirements
Trial installation for Sandbox, Developer Edition and Trial Edition orgs only.

Support Standard support (Email & web) First response: 1 business day (UK Business Hours) Target resolution: 5 business days Premium support (Phone, email & web; addtl cost) First response: 12 hours (UK Business Hours) Target resolution: 2 business days

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Winter '18 (2.15.1 Mid Edition) / 2.15.1
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Audit9 - Quality Assurance for Salesforce
+44(0)191 6450777

Audit9 is a specialist Salesforce® Quality Assurance practice. We help our clients de-risk future investments or optimise their existing implementation. Audit9 provides retained architect and short-term project engagements.####Audit9 specialises in helping organisations develop a clear understanding of the quality and risk associated with their Salesforce implementation through an in-depth, expert 360º Quality Audit. Salesforce Marketing Cloud quality audits also undertaken.####A robust, fit-for-purpose data integration architecture underpins the successful implementation of Salesforce for many enterprises. Audit9 provides best-practice expertise in relation to integration design, patterns, tools and proven techniques.####Audit9 is the developer of the clearMDM Master Data Management solution listed on the Salesforce AppExchange, and can provide expert consultancy in relation to addressing MDM requirements on the Salesforce platform.