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Magic Robot Campaign Influence Analyzer & Contact Role Creator

$7,500 USD per company per year Maximum $7,500 / year or $2,250 / quarter for enterprises. Contact for details! The free trial gives you full access to all functionality and will analyze the influence of campaigns on your last 90 days of opportunities.

Discounts available for nonprofits

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$2,250 USD per company every 3 months



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Your campaign reporting blindspots are a thing of the past!

Magically bridge the campaign response-to-opportunity reporting gap in Salesforce!####You can finally analyze which campaigns do (or don't) help your reps find and win opportunities with Magic Robot's 5 proven models of multi-touch campaign attribution.

  • Cohesive Campaign ROI and timeline analysis on your historic and future campaign data with 5 models, including multi-touch campaign attribution
  • Automatically create Contact Roles and set the Primary Campaign Source on Opportunities (so your reps don't have to)
  • Here's the implementation process: You answer a few questions and push a button. That's it. You literally deploy full circle marketing attribution in moments
WORKS GREAT WITH MARKETING AUTOMATION PLATFORMS. This app complements and enhances the analytics from existing marketing automation platforms like Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua, HubSpot and others.####IT'S A ROBOT. Forget trying to train your reps to uniformly set lead source, primary campaign and fill out contact roles whenever they create opportunities. If you let Magic Robot do the work, you won't even care about that stuff anymore.####5 MODELS FOR CALCULATING MARKETING ATTRIBUTION. Magic Robot's adjustable algorithm can observe your campaigns with 5 models of influence: ####+ General Influence (split evenly between all campaigns)##+ First Response##+ Last Response##+ Most Influential Campaign##+ Closers (responses between oppty create and win)####SIMPLE. Magic Robot's magic comes from its simple and flexible controls -- and its world-class algorithm that allows you to automate campaign influence in powerful ways. ####AND ELEGANT. All the data rolls into fields on the campaign records themselves, making reporting and analysis really simple. ####YES, MULTI-CURRENCY. The Influence Analyzer supports all 3 types of Salesforce currency management, including dated exchange rates.


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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Other System Requirements
Only orgs that utilize Campaign Responses in will benefit from this application.

Support + Visit the support page for full documentation: or + Email

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Magic Robot Influence Analyzer
3.59 / 3.59.0
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Magic Robot, Inc.
Canton, MA

Magic Robot makes incredibly useful salesforce add-ons that work like magic, for flat annual fees. ####Magic Robot was built to make your job easier.