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LevelJump: Sales Onboarding, Training, Coaching & Enablement

$39 USD per user per month

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Prescriptive Programs, Video Coaching, Just-in-Time Content, ROI Reporting

LevelJump is a sales onboarding and training software for high-growth companies. We make it easy for you to build consistent and scalable onboarding programs and align training to sales outcomes in Salesforce to reduce ramp time of new sales hires.

  • LevelJump's Sales Onboarding & Training Software helps fast-growing companies reduce ramp and increase quota attainment by aligning training programs to sales outcomes in Salesforce Sales Cloud®.
  • Build onboarding and training programs. Coach your reps in their everyday workflow. Automate program metrics aligned to sales process and revenue.
  • See for yourself how the LevelJump sales onboarding and training software helps reduce ramp time by 40%, and reduce time to first deal by up to 80%
Why you win with LevelJump:####1. MEASURE REP GROWTH##-Analyze revenue growth and rep competency as they complete more programs over time##-Prescribe CRM-based milestones for your reps to hit while they're ramping##-Gain actionable insights on high performers so your sales enablement team can increase program effectiveness######2. DRIVE CONSISTENCY IN MESSAGING##-Provide interactive training sequences directly in Sales Cloud##-Managers score and give feedback on practice pitches recorded directly in Salesforce##-Enable tribal knowledge with Chatter comments and resource sharing######3. MAKE SALES CLOUD MORE POWERFUL##-Keep your team in Salesforce with triggered content and coaching tips ##-Build a library of win stories, client testimonials, and practice videos accessible in Salesforce##-Inherit all controls of the Salesforce platform and report on data in real time


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Summer 2018 / 3.177.2
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LevelJump Software
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

LevelJump Software, a software company with deep domain expertise in sales enablement &, empowers sales teams to accelerate ramp and quota attainment by attributing sales enablement efforts to Salesforce metrics.

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