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LearnCore - A Showpad Company

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#1 Sales Training and Coaching Solution

LearnCore is a sales training and coaching solution built for the modern seller. Use LearnCore to onboard new sales hires, sales role-play, deliver new methodologies, launch new products, and increase sales productivity and performance.

  • Automatically show your company’s top Pitch IQ performances within related Opportunity pages. Let LearnCore guide reps through the sales cycle by providing curated examples to problems each rep is about to face.
  • Get your bottom 20% to start talking, thinking, and acting like your top 20% through peer reviews and active role playing.
  • Let reps compete and collaborate for the top stop in the leaderboard or suggest ideas for the next Pitch IQ.
LearnCore, part of the Showpad family, is the #1 sales training and coaching solution used by Fortune 1000 companies to increase overall sales productivity and performance, and support sales enablement initiatives. ####From sales onboarding to certification to coaching, LearnCore supports every educational step of an salesperson's life cycle. This is accomplished through our role-play solution, Pitch IQ. Our testing, which includes peer-to-peer feedback, ensures that every person in a client-facing role is delivering their best version of your message. Sales leaders use LearnCore to manage every aspect of sales training- from process roll-out to critical skills development and sales role playing.####Key use cases include on-boarding, new product launch, acquisition and integration, certifications, manager promotion, coaching culture, and cross-selling and up-selling. Additional use cases include training, certifying, and coaching any market-facing team member on messages, processes, and communications.


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Please set up a LearnCore account before using the LearnCore for Salesforce app. Email: to get started.

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Chicago, IL, USA

LearnCore is a video coaching and role playing platform that makes communication consistent among reps within a team, department, or across offices.

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