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Language I/O for Salesforce Case Translation

$299 USD per company per month Pay $299 per month, regardless of how many languages you support. Translation is charged by the word and pricing starts at 2 cents per word. We support over 150 languages.



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Support your Customers in Any Language Via Machine and Human Translation

Language I/O Response for Salesforce employs a combination of trainable machine and professional human translation, enabling your support agents to respond to customers in any language. We place a "Translate" option within your Case Page Layout.

  • Translation of customer support requests into the agent's language
  • Translation of the agent's response back into the customer's language
  • Flexibly employs both a trained machine translation engine that learns your terminology as well as professional, non-crowd-sourced human linguists for priority tickets
PLUGS DIRECTLY INTO YOUR CASE PAGE LAYOUTS##Language I/O Response for Salesforce can be easily installed into your Case Feed layout so your agents don't need to access outside applications for translation purposes, maintaining speed and efficiency.####SMART COMBINATION OF MACHINE AND HUMAN TRANSLATION##Language I/O Response is inexpensive because it employs a combination of rapid-turnaround human translation as well as machine translation services to enable your agents to respond to your clients quickly, in any language and at a reasonable cost to you. You can keep costs low by using using human translation only in select situations:####1. The agent uses the "re-translate" option to request a human translation of an incoming customer question because the content is too complicated for a machine translation.####2. The agent elects to use professional human translation for a high-priority ticket.####LANGUAGE I/O IS NOT CROWD SOURCED##Many rapid-translation services crowd source their linguists with little means to ensure quality. Our linguists are professionals who live in the country where the language is spoken. They use your product glossaries to ensure accuracy and consistency!


  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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Other System Requirements
After installation, configuration is required on both the Salesforce side and on the LinguistNow server side before the app will be functional. We will perform this configuration once we have entered into a contract with you.


+1 (307) 432-4053

Additional Information

Package Name
LinguistNow Response for Salesforce V1.0
2016_1_29 / 1.6.0
First Release
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Language I/O
Cheyenne, WY 82001
+1 (781) 990-1282

Provider of multilingual customer support solutions for Salesforce. Our apps allow agents to support users in any language, via professional Case and Article translation.