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RingsTrue, Telephone Validation in Salesforce

Starting at $10 USD per user per month RingsTrue is available with pricing options designed to fit organisations at all scales. The price per month is determined by the number of users with access to the app and the number of records in your database.

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RingsTrue cleanses, formats, and validates Salesforce Telephone records

Have you ever called a telephone number in Salesforce and found the number was badly formatted or incorrect? RingsTrue helps with that!####RingsTrue cleanses, formats and validates telephone numbers in Salesforce, all from one click of a button.

  • RingsTrue features both real-time and scheduled cleaning of telephone number fields in Salesforce with data checking from XConnect. RingsTrue works with numbers from any country and format.
  • RinsgTrue shows you whether your numbers are correct and in service. Prioritize your customer callback list by calling live numbers first.
  • RingsTrue removes extra characters, adds in required Country Codes, and checks the validity of the number using XConnect. It works for all national and international numbers.
RingsTrue is an easy to install and schedule app for Salesforce. It is powered by XConnect, a renowned telephony data provider. ####You can either choose to have RingsTrue regularly clean all of your phone records or perform one-off cleanups on demand.####Each RingsTrue license allows the named user to schedule phone record cleaning for all records or perform on demand checks. Licensed users can click 'Validate Now' button on any Account, Contact, or Lead for one-click formatting and validation.####Ensure you connect with customers on that first call to their RingsTrue validated number.


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Support Please contact us with any support questions that you have about RingsTrue via our website We also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions on this page of our website:


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RingsTrue Managed
RingsTrue / 1.161.0
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Cloud Ursa

Cloud Ursa is a Salesforce Consultancy based in London, United Kingdom.####We work with a wide variety of customers on Salesforce administration and configuration, application development, and end user training. We have also worked with a huge number of organisations globally to deploy computer telephone integration (CTI), call handling, and case support. ####RingsTrue was created after we saw how a large number of our customers struggled to validate the new records they were creating in Salesforce each day. With RingsTrue we aim to solve the one particular challenge of keeping phone numbers correct in Salesforce once and for all.