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MEDDIC Opportunity Management

$360 USD per user per year iSEEit is priced per user per month billed annually upfront. Only users accessing the Opportunity Manager will have to be licensed. iSEEit also offers services to support remote setup , implementation and training of the application.

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Operationalize MEDDIC in your sales and qualification process directly with this native Salesforce app.##It is Lightning ready and works also on Classic & Salesforce1

  • Qualify and manage your opportunities based on MEDDIC:##With MEDDIC qualifiers configured out of the box, sales people can qualify their opportunities based on MEDDIC with visual queues and traffic light indicators.
  • Visualize open gaps and understand the next steps to closure:##iSEEit will warn you if necessary steps in the sales process are not completed. In addition, a tutorial will guide sales reps on questions to ask the client to help them qualify better.
  • Get a MEDDIC qualified forecast:##Enrich your SF forecast and other reports with MEDDIC indicators. ##By visualizing the opportunities' chances to close you can cut down your time on forecast calls and create collaborated close plans.
With iSEEit you can run MEDDIC right within Salesforce.##No need to create fields or documents.####You can configure your sales process, define qualifiers and allow sales teams to qualify and deliver evidence driven forecasts.####Manage opportunities with MEDDIC##- Checklists to identify the Economic buyer or Identify pain##- Get MEDDIC enriched forecast an other reports##- Identify players and track their personal interest##- Build a buyers map and rate them Champion, Enemy, Coach...##- A MEDDIC tutorial will guide sales people on how to move forward ##- The MEDDIC Overview gives managers a complete picture of the opportunities' health


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  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Built 100% on the Lightning Platform, providing reliability and performanceNative App
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1.160 July 12 2018 / 1.160.0
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iSEEit GmbH

iSEEit is building sales apps for complex B2B sales