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Opti-Time Optim: map, route, geo-scheduling, field service, territory management

Starting at €15 EUR per user per month Price for Opti-Time Cloud Geo edition. Custom pricing for additionnal extensions Tour and Optim, please contact us.



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Optimization, schedule, search around, maps, routing, sectorization

Optimize the scheduling of sales appointments and technical callouts over several days by generating profitable tours. Better cover your customer portfolio, achieve 10 to 30% productivity improvements and maintain a high level of customer service.

  • Geo-scheduling: automatically define optimal schedules for you and your teams over several days, based on complex constraints (visit priority, frequency and duration, availabilities...). Save the tours in your Salesforce calendar and view them on a map.
  • Geo-optimization features: display your contacts on an map, improve the quality of your database (geocoding), achieve accurate targeting (search around), identify customers to be visited, optimize your tours, make optimized assignment of accounts...
  • Accurate and high quality global cartographic coverage: continuously access to up-to-date maps with crucial information (road networks, public transport, traffic direction, points of interest…).
Opti-Time Optim integrates a powerful geo-optimization engin within Salesforce. Field service representatives are guaranteed to achieve the maximum number of appointments while minimizing the distance covered.####Mobile sales forces and technical teams will no longer ask: which customers should I visit? how to organize my tours over the month? how to plan tours for my team? where are my clients? how is my client portofolio distributed ? which prospects could I visit close to my customer appointments tomorrow? how to organize my tour? how to improve the performance of my marketing efforts?...####You want to go further? Opti-Time Optim+ provides advanced geo-scheduling features enabling the management of unlimited business constraints and rules (skills, resource capabilities, clearances, cycles…).


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Package Name
Opti-Time Cloud (Optim)
Optim 4.0 / 4.0.0
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Bagneux, 92 (France)
+33 (0)1 72 74 76 78

Leader in geoptimization, GEOCONCEPT provide integrated solutions and implements the geoptimization system within its customer's information system.####With its own proprietary Geographical Information System (GIS), the GEOCONCEPT Group designs and publishes cartographical information and optimization data and applications for corporations and public organizations. ####Today, the GEOCONCEPT Group numbers more than 10,000 client references in more than 35 countries and more than 100,000 optimised resources.

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