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AssetSonar - Tracking Sales Equipment

$20 USD per user per month $20 / User / Month

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Track assets, equipment and loaners to sales team as well as customers

Managing equipment handed to the sales team or customers, can be challenging. AssetSonar helps solve and optimize equipment assignment. AssetSonar is built by the EZOfficeInventory team, the leading equipment tracking software.

  • Track asset lifecycle - Track and manage equipment and its assignment to the salesperson and the corresponding customer. Also manage maintenance/CMMS of equipment and its ROI
  • Full tracking of history for each asset - from the salesperson to the customer involved i.e. sales checkout, customer sub-checkout, reservations, maintenance, retirement, audits etc
  • Extensive reporting, including depreciation, geo locations, maintenance and servicing
If you're looking for a solution that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce for tracking field assets being used by your sales team, then AssetSonar is it! ##Its easy to use and comes with mobile apps that make it simple to track asset whereabouts and their due dates. Also provides for complete ROI reports on the sales team and the customer being assigned these assets.##AssetSonar is a hybrid solution that can be used independently of SalesForce as well. This enables your sales team use SF while your support team can use AssetSonar. And with our integration with Zendesk, your IT Ops team seamlessly coordinates across systems and teams!


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Other System Requirements
1. Create account at https://<subdomain> Click the blue button 'Connect to Salesforce' and link to your salesforce account##4. Click 'Configure Salesforce Application' link

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Asset Sonar
Jan 2017 / 1.823.0
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